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    iPhone 6 (running beta iOS 10.0) is apparently sending a repeat text to one person?

    Thanks guys - it turns out that it was the other person's phone causing the issue. But she insisted for days prior that it wasn't. False alarm in the end!
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    iPhone 6 (running beta iOS 10.0) is apparently sending a repeat text to one person?

    Last week, I responded to a group text (about 14-18 folks in a round-robin tennis group). Since then, one of the people in that text has told me she is getting that same text message every few hours. This has apparently been happening for 4 days now. I updated to the newer Beta, but it is still...
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    How To Get An iPhone 5 Without Waiting 3-4 weeks

    Well I finally snagged one! 64gb white iPhone 5. Didn't really need that much storage but it'll come in handy. Love the phone! Now I just need a case...
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    How To Get An iPhone 5 Without Waiting 3-4 weeks

    Been trying to get an iPhone 5 this way for a few days. No luck yet. No Walmarts or ATT stores have any either. May have to suck it up and order online and wait:unsure: It doesn't help that the closest Apple Store for me is 2 hours away in Lexington, KY, so that's really the only one I can hope...
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    iCloud and contacts on two iPhones

    So now that my wife and I both have iOS5, everything is good except for contacts. We sync using one iTunes account, and now my wife has all of her contacts and all of mine as well. Is there a way to make sure she only has her contacts on her phone? I tried to not sync contacts via the cloud on...
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    Otterbox Defender Case Giveaway Part II

    Today's my birthday! So, yeah, that's all I've got for why I should win:)
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    Enter to win the Kinetic iPhone 4 Case, Billet Aluminum iPhone Case System

    I have been an iPhone fan since the original in 2007! I just got the iPhone 4, and have a cheapo plastic case. Would love a durable case like this that offers protection and looks sharp too! I think a red one would look sweet...
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    Win the Verizon iPhone from everythingiCafe

    I want to win the Verizon iPhone because I've been with AT&T/Cingular/AT&T since 1996. I'm ready for a change!
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    Set up school email on iPhone

    Have you tried calling your school's IT folks? Surely youre not the first person wanting to set up email on an iPhone. I work at a university and my IT dept was very helpful.
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    MacBook or MacBook Pro?

    Thanks everyone! Yeah, I'm definitely going for the MBP. And dad's springing the extra $50 for the 320GB hard drive. I am indeed lucky!
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    MacBook or MacBook Pro?

    Thanks, that's what I'm going to go for (also jockeyed for the $50 upgrade to the 320GB!). I don't have 200GB of music, per say, but between 3,000+ songs, even more pictures and lots of photoshop files, I've had to get an external hard drive for media.
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    MacBook or MacBook Pro?

    So, my dad's awesome and buying me a new laptop for Xmas. He said he would be able to afford one of these options: - The 13 in. MacBook with 4GB of memory and a 320GB hard drive, or - The 13 in. MacBook Pro with 4GB of memory and a 250GB hard drive (2.4Ghz processor). I need some help...
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    Will work now

    From what I know, the 4.0.2 update fixed the vulnerability that made work. So no, I don't think you can/should do it.
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    Ordering iPhone 4 from Apple?

    Yeah, I didn't necessarily need 32gbs, but it was what was available, and me being myself, I just couldn't wait to get it! So far, so good. I've held this thing every which way and I've experienced NO signal attenuation. I should also note that I'm a lefty... My only drag was that my Mac...
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    Ordering iPhone 4 from Apple?

    Well, I just drove to the Apple store in Lexington. All they had was the 32gb iPhone 4, so that's what I got! First post from it. The text is unbelievable!