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    Bluetooth Question

    Has anyone tried to bluetooth a picture from your iPhone to another Bluetooth device? I can't get it to work. I think it's disabled and only works for head sets and hands free devices. Bummer.
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    Who LOVES their iPhone?

    I love the iPhone. It is a great new innovative device and I just wish it had 3G. I own a Treo 700P also, and I've had a bunch of phones. It is an excellent start. I am eagerly looking towards the second version. Ebay is our savior. We can all upgrade when it comes.
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    EEK! No support for SMS to multiple contacts!

    All I did was manually select the names, but that is slow. There's a way to do it in Mail on our Macs, so there must be a way to select a group. I just haven't seen it yet.
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    MAJOR problem with iPhone volume

    Some of these phones could be bad; simple as that. Mine is perfect. I can turn up the volume on the earpiece side and it actually gets too loud. I was in side the Apple store this morning and it was noisy and packed and I carried on a perfect conversation and ear volume was excellent. I...
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    MAJOR problem with iPhone volume

    Put your most called in the favorites, then it's easy. I used it in the car to cal quite a few people and it was no problem
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    iPhone Pricing Plan Discussion

    OK. I may do that. Thanks!
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    iPhone Pricing Plan Discussion

    I think that would work, however, have you ever added or subtracted any features with AT&T? They just screw everything up. I didn't want to, but I think I have to get the iP{hone at an AT&T store.
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    iPhone Pricing Plan Discussion

    I already have the $20.00 unlimited Data plan, so is this going to just add another $20.0 to my bill? I fear this may happen.
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    iPhone Customers

    I can't wait to get an iPhone, but I think the fact that I have had a Blackjack on 3G and the iPhone is only Edge, I will be very frustrated. I am in a big city where 3G works really well, and the darn iPhone is only Edge! It's like a giant step backwards and a small step forwards!
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    iPhone WILL Have New Unique Service Plans

    The real problem here is this: It is an Edge phone. Data on the Edge Network is really slow and it has a lot of problems. It stops and starts and sometimes just stops. Engadget is reporting that youtube video does not really work with Edge on the iPhone. Therefore you need to be in a Wi-Fi...
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    Is theft a possiblity?

    When you purchase the iPhone you will be assigned two bodyguards who will go home with you and stay in your life for as long as your AT&T contract is, so don't worry about it.
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    typical file sizes?

    It may not be a great answer, but it is true. I have some songs that are 20 minutes long, so I can't just go by the term "song". Generally Apple says a 1 Gig Shuffle holds 250 songs, so you can sort of go from there as far as music.
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    My Carrier Tag on my RAZR changed today

    I though the tag was created by reading the sim card, so how can it just change? You'd have to change out your sim. Maybe I'm wrong.
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    All the News?

    Basically it's because AT&T is incompetent ! Pure and simple!