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  • Hey Kevin, I just wanted to say sorry about my actions in the verizon iPhone thread. I got really mad in there, over the commercial then the moon landing. Sorry

    Happy Birthday Nappy! And many more!!!

    Hope this is a GR8 Birthday for you! Hope you get to do some fun stuff or just relax. No matter what it's your day man! Enjoy!
    Just started an acoustic alt-country duo with my best friend Jon, and in your honor we're working on a cover of "Overkill". I'll be sure to post audio/video once it's solid!
    Napoleon-- how do i get out of the restore mode? i was updating to 4.1 aND GOT ERROR MESSAGE 1004"colud not restore iphone. unknown error. please help
    Hey! Seidio would love to start a contest giveaway with new screen protectors for the iphone4. It would be 2 front and back sets for whoever has the best reason why the need it. What steps should we take to starting this contest? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!
    Kevin, I saw something I posted about 3 weeks ago and thought it worth bringing to your attention about the iPad:

    "You reading this Naps? Seriously dude, if you came over and used my iPad for an hour, I'd have to pry it from your cold dead hands to get it back!"
    Thanks for the reply. I like using the full browser experience on the iPhone as well and same on my laptop. I just downloaded the app as of two nights ago I haven't used it as much as I do with my laptop, my cell phone bill is already costing me alot cause of the minutes and etc I haven't used my iPhone's internet much since I got it but who knows.

    Thank you for your time.

    Take Care.
    - Jamie (MyRichLife)

    Sorry to bother you I know your busy with the forums moderating them and all, I have a question the EIC app Chris came out with, What do I enable in the app so it will show ''Sent from the iCafe app''?
    WOW... been gone too long.. a MOD.. <Finally> and TOTALLY IN LOVE?? <Awesome> I'm so happy for you.. NOW THIS MOD.. I CAN HANDLE!! Congrats young man.. :) Love you bunches!!
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