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    Bluetooth Rant

    I understand but am moderator. :D
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    What to do about Coolstar's up coming jailbreak for 11.3.1. If it happens

    I''d update to 11.3.1 immediately and live with not being able to use the enterprise version of iTunes. That's what I did. You can still drag and drop apps from your Mobile Applications folder and ringtones from your Tones folder into the new iTunes. Just plug in your iPhone, select the phone...
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    where to download itunes 12.6.3 ?

    Maybe because is out.
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    iOS 11.4 updates

    Hope they fixed the bugs in the betas before release. I'm sure they didn't, though.
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    Ring tone

    Did your see my last post? I do this all the time. It's just a matter of dragging the ringtone files from their folder to the On My Device box in iTunes.
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    Ring tone

    Are you dragging and dropping into the correct location in iTunes once you have your phone plugged in and selected?
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    Ring tone

    You need to drag and drop from your Mobile Applications folder.
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    iTunes 12.6.3 Now Available with Apps and Ringtones Syncing Restored

    I never had to delete my entire music library. I just had to back up my iTunes library files (.itl, etc.).)
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    Ring tone

    The drag and drop method works with a PC as well. I just restored my 8 Plus on my PC and used drag and drop for my apps and ringtones.
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    where to download itunes 12.6.3 ? However, it may not work with iOS 11.3, so be forewarned.
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    iTunes 12.6.3 Now Available with Apps and Ringtones Syncing Restored

    If you're using a Mac: However, I had to stop using iTunes 12.6.3 and update to the latest version before I could sync my iPhone running 11.3. I just learned how to drag and drop my apps and ringtones into iTunes 12.7.x.
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    Ring tone

    I realize you probably know this already, but I use this method.
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    Ring tone

    Your statement is a bit confusing to me. You can't drag and drop ringtone files on your computer into iTunes to install them on your iPhone?
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    iPhone X or 8+

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    App for playing music files stored on iPhone.

    @Fantomas318 ツ If you accidentally post in the wrong forum, please let me know so I can move it or delete the duplicate thread. Thanks. EDIT: Threads merged.