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    How to carry iPad without using a man purse?

    I'm wondering how you fellow men carry your iPad around? Have you found a sling bag? I'm not fond of the man-purse, so I'm trying to figure out what I would use to carry it. Thanks for any ideas or links.
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    Purchased song on iPhone - copy to iTunes

    What happens if you bought songs on your iPhone, forgot to sync and then had to do a restore without a backup? Is there a way to get the song again through iTunes on the computer?
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    iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS is worth it.

    Personally, having the quality digital camera and video camera where I can edit and publish makes it worth it for me. Voice Command is cool and makes it safer to call people while driving. It also does seem a little faster launching and doing things. I've had all 3 versions now. Again, I...
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    MobileMe & Shared Calenders

    LOL, thanks! It's funny, I managed to figure that out last night right before I went to bed and played the Vampires Live app(very addictive)! Thank you for the post, I appreciate it!
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    MobileMe & Shared Calenders

    Yes, she puts something on her iPhone or her iBook and it gets pushed to my iPhone and MacBook Pro. It's great! Unfortunately, I get so many vibrate notifications, I haven't noticed. I'll have to test it out later :)
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    Find My iPhone

    You can put your MM account into her phone & only activate Find M iPhone . Then both iPhones will appear on your MM page . I did it today :)
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    MobileMe & Shared Calenders

    Hey, my wife doesn't have a MobileMe account either. I put my MM account into her iPhone & ONLY set up calendars. BTW, Find My iPhone feature finds both of our iPhones with only 1 MM account :)
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    MobileMe & Shared Calenders

    I guess I should have explained a little better... On your wife's phone, go to Settings-->Mail,Contacts,Calendars-->Accounts (MobileMe), and only turn on Calendars. I also use the Find My's awesome :)
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    MobileMe & Shared Calenders

    Mobile Me Sync between two iPhones :) I think do what you want to do. Go to your wife's phone and set up MobileMe. Then you are going to only enable calendars for her iPhone. You will then have the push feature for both of your calendars. I'm having a weird occurrence where I now get...
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    No Dust Case

    Candyshell or Rebel Case? I went to the Apple Store today and 2 of the employees had the Candyshell case and raved about it. Before today, I had never heard of it. One of the guys showed me where his case was scuffed when he dropped it and his iPhone is okay. I was going to either get...
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    The iPhone 3GS Video thread!

    I have a question: I have taken a few videos in portrait mode, and I want to find a way to keep the files in portrait format. I download them to iPhoto and drag them over to the Movies section in iTunes. I then select iPhone from Devices to select the movie file to sync. The problem is that...
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    What case should I get for my new iPhone 3GS?

    Someone told me that the new 3GS was a tighter fit in the Slider than the 3G. He had a hard time getting it out. Is that the "case" with yours?
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    What are you upgrading from?

    upgrade... Black 16 GB 3G to Black 32 GB 3GS. :)
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    what if I ordered today from Apple?

    My sister ordered from Apple online today. I pre-purchased last week at AT&T store. I'll post when we get them.
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    Please give your opinion on the iPhone 3G

    I have great 3G reception in Middlesex County, NJ. I'm looking forward to 2.1 on Friday.