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    ApolloIM being weird

    I've been using Apollo for a few days now, liked it so far. Today it's being odd. First it wouldn't sign on, it would just sit there, basically locked up for 30 seconds, then bring up the home screen. Now, I can sign on, but when I tap on a buddy, I get sent back to the home screen, and if...
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    Why iPhone rebate details on FRIDAY would be bad...

    also, re-read the open letter from Jobs, it says the credit is going will be able to be used for anything at a retail store or on I think they are just working out if it's going to be mail in, automatic, etc... but there won't be limitations on what you can use it on. I for one am...
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    Trillian Astra iPhone

    mundu is great, but again it's web based, we are looking for native apps.
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    Trillian Astra iPhone

    does anyone know if there is a trillian/adium/meebo etc type app for iPhone yet. I'm assuming MobileChat or ApolloIM will have this eventually though.
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    iToner question...

    itoner/ibricker will only use mp3's. You states exactly what you have to do. Burn onto a CD then import as mp3, then use itoner to transfer to the iPhone. Then simply delete the dups in iTunes. Unfortnuately, thats the only since they are protected.
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    ichat or AIM app?

    thats still web (safari based), not a native app. Looks good though, better than Meebo's offering
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    ichat or AIM app?

    I honestly don't know....there isn't really a contact us link on their website, but there is an email addy if you are interested in being a dev, so maybe you could shoot off an email there. One thing that would lead me to think not, is on the page they talk about it being lite wait etc, so it...
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    ichat or AIM app?

    you can try this: I don't use aol much, hopefully something like this comes out for Yahoo Messenger :laugh2:
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    Meebo,Mundu,FlickIM COUNT IN your 200MSGs

    as long as we are on this subject, i do have a question. :smile: since iPhone safari doesn't continually reload in the background, if u are using mundu and switch to say SMS to text, are u shown as offline to your contacts until u bring up safari again? Also, is there any way to know if they've...
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    Meebo,Mundu,FlickIM COUNT IN your 200MSGs

    no need to get insulting to them.
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    What is the deal?

    my 2 cents Oh good, a venting thread..LOL. One thing that has been bugging me is all these people bitching about it being "locked". "I don't want to have to be with AT&T, blah, blah, blah." :angry: For one thing, almost every company has "exclusive" phones. There are phones that...
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    Is WPA Personal possible?

    There shouldn't be a user name. Just a password to access the network. You would have a user name to actually access the config page of your router itself, but not to log on to the network.
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    T-Mobile roaming when "No Service"?

    Honestly, I bought mine while on a businesss trip in KCMO..LOL. What can I say, I couldn't wait till I got home. We are a two iPhone house and we haven't had any issues with coverage for the most part, so the store might be on the money about telling you to swap out. We live just outside of...
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    WiFi Loosing connection when iPhone locks

    Thanks, seems to be working great now. I had read that with the 1.02 update WiFi seemed to be better for some people. Count me in that group. My iPhone is getting and holding signal stregth better and seeing nearby networks it never saw before. (the were there as they are my neighbors and I...
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    Is WPA Personal possible?

    I use WPA personal with my Airport Extreme at home, and it works great. When the iPhone tells you it has detected a network and you choose it, it will then ask you for your password. You should only have to do this once as the iPhone remembers networks you have joined in the past.