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    Application to Sync Outlook Notes to?

    Well, there does not appear to be any iPhone application that is capable of simply importing/syncing with Outlook's Notes, aside from the built-in Notes application that came with my iPhone 3GS. Only problem with that application is that it is so limited...cannot even re-order the listings...
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    Application to Sync Outlook Notes to?

    Aside from the built-in Notes application, is there another Application that will allow me to sync my Outlook Notes to... and which provides for listing or re-sorting Notes alphabetically? Through searches on the App Store, I have found a number of Notes type applications, but none though that...
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    Bought Apps Suddenly Not Opening

    Hmm? Good to know, because I ended up having to reset my 3GS as a new device, and all the rest that comes with doing that. If it ever happens to me again, I will try your method. Thanks for sharing that with us.:ok:ok Nick :dft010:smiling
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    Bought Apps Suddenly Not Opening

    Thank you so much for everyone's advice. I had to restore as a new device because my last backup was too new and would have only left me with the same problem. I spent the better part of the day restoring everything... a pain in the ass... so I sure hope Apple is aware of this problem of...
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    Bought Apps Suddenly Not Opening

    Suddenly, every Application I have bought will not open... instead it flickers for a second as if it's going to open... then suddenly I am back to the home screen. I have searched various Forums and found this problem quite prevalent, but all the fixes alluded to in my searches, are not...
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    Keyboard click sound fading as you text?

    Hmmm? I never did have that option turned on, but I still experience the variable clicking sound when typing. I have tried many different things in an effort to find out what may be triggering the sound to keep fading away, but to no avail. Hopefully with OS 3.1 Apple will have found a fix for...
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    iPhone 3GS: The first 30 days.

    I bought the 32GB model, my very first iPhone, and I couldn't be happier. I am a long time BB User, but tired of the shortcomings of the BB OS. My new iPhone has been a pleasure to use: The phone is quick and responsive, intuitive, but it's the little things that make it stand out in a crowd...
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    Syncing 3GS suddenly finds a camera?

    Yeah... That worked ! :dft009:happy Thanks Mark..and thanks to all who replied.:dft009:happy
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    Syncing 3GS suddenly finds a camera?

    Yes, I do want my photos synced, but I do not want one of those Program choices Windows is giving me to automatically come up every time I go to sync my iPhone. The photos auto sync every time I sync my iPhone anyway... so it will just be a nuisance to have open then close a Photography Program...
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    Syncing 3GS suddenly finds a camera?

    The other day I synced my iPhone 3GS and Windows XP reported that it found a new device... a camera... and from then on, every time I sync I get this dialog box that asks me to "Select the Program to launch this Application". How can I stop this dialog box from coming up every time. There is...
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    No International Dialling Rules?

    Coming from a BB Storm and various other BB's, there always was an option to put "1" in front of all long distance numbers. However, I see no such option for the iPhone 3GS? In fact, the phone options seem to be very limited. Is there something I am missing that will automatically put that "1"...
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    First thing you will do when you get your 3GS?

    Being this will be my first iPhone, aside from reading the manual, I suppose I will just be playing with all the settings or just spending time getting to know my new 3Gs.
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    What's a nice "clean" "mature" looking case :)

    I was looking at the Case-mate "Barely There", where it appears to offer good protection while still showing the nice chrome edge around the iPhone. However, the case is only $19.95, but Case-mate charges a whopping $52.00 just for shipping... almost double the cost of the case itself. Next...
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    What are you upgrading from?

    I'm upgrading from a 9530 BB Storm, and going for a black 32GB iPhone 3Gs, which will be my first iPhone. As well, I will be going from CDMA Telus to GSM based Rogers, so it is quite the wholesale move for me. Have a lot to learn about the iPhone, and I'm sure here is the place I will learn...
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    Who's steppin up to the 32GB and why?

    This will be my first iPhone,:2cool: and I agree... It is always nice to have more space than you actually need.:smile: I might be taking advantage of the turn by turn mapping Applications which I already know require a lot of space, and I might even try a movie or two. As for music, I will...