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    3G Rumor Straight From the Apple Store

    We will find out the truth tomorrow. I hope I can get it for a reasonable price, not on contract.
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    Stores with no line in Chicagu suburbs?

    Did you say there is a freak in that line?
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    UK will get a 3G iPhone, with Vodafone, T-Mobile and Carphone Warehouse Partnership

    But they are announcing it for a different country, UK doesn't have EDGE.
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    No Ringtones - Confirmed!

    Why do you listen to the ringtone anyway? Just answer the phone! :D
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    First generation iPhones may be worthless...

    He used his thumb to type that though.
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    What is the most exciting feature?

    But can't there be an update to make it support flash at a later date?
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    First generation iPhones may be worthless...

    Will this come out in the UK before Christmas?
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    iPhone video at

    Wow that is so amazing! :D I can't wait 6 months! :(
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    new iPhone picture - see the SIM tray

    What is the one on the side then?
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    Who will not get the iPhone if they are sold out of 8gigs?

    8, if I can get this phone at all! :D
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    Google Docs Works!

    The iPhone does have flash, on the video where it showed NY times, the flash video loaded.
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    When will Apple release the iPhone in UK

    Thanks for the replies. :) On google news I found an article saying 7m people in UK want the iPhone, so I don't think they should mess with us, that is nearly there taraget from one country! :)
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    When will Apple release the iPhone in UK

    When will Apple announce what company they will use in UK? I heard it could be Orange or Vodafone. I hope it is Orange as you get free internet on contract. Thanks. :)
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    Honest questions answered.

    How much will the iPhone cost in the UK and will it be with Orange?