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    SWITCHEASY cust service sucks !

    I have the complete opposite experiences with Switcheasy. Zoltan is the head honcho at Switcheasy, and he's who I have dealt with a few times. Not only has he sent me out brand new cases when ever I have had issue, but has sent me other products to make up for their mistakes. If anything...
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    Kroll is Online!

    I'm a sucker for this stuff. I'm buying it even though I know I'll only play it a few times. :smile:
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    iPhone / iPod car mount I purchased

    Yes! I've used both the Belkin Auto kit, and now the Griffin AutoPilot and the dock cable plug is a perfect fit between the adjustable arms on the mount.
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    iPhone / iPod car mount I purchased

    Now using the iPhone 3G, this mount still works perfectly, but the Belkin Auto Kit no longer does. I switched to the Griffin Auto Pilot ( and it works the same way as the old Belkin did, with an external aux port.
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    Cracked iPhone Screen?

    Well... I guess by never mentioning the crack in the screen, and you sending in the phone for repair, it was their choice to send a new phone. BUT, you didn't need a repair, and lied just to try to get a new phone because you cracked the screen? Wow.
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    New Charger - Anyone tried this yet

    I ended up using the ipower rush charger on an airplane recently. It worked great. I have no complaints with it at all. I love the fact it runs on AAA batteries, and not a rechargeable unit. This way, I can put in new batteries, and it's fresh again in an instant. I used both my iPhone and my...
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    Crystal Films - Wash and Reuse?

    i just upgraded from the regular crystal film, to the Anti-Glare, and I have to say, I LOVE the Anti-Glare so much better. Just the fact I don't need to wipe the screen off all the time is great. It does matt the screen, and you can see it, and it creates a slight texture, almost like the track...
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    Quake3 iPhone Demo - Watch!

    I thought the same thing you do, but after I thought about it a bit, no one can force games on your phone, and it only opens up a HUGE profit potential for Apple. I can see them really wanting this to be a gaming platform, or at least the Touch.
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    Should I upgrade to 16gb, or should I wait for a 3G model?

    Upgrade, and then sell it later if you want to upgrade again, to help with the cost.
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    iPhone Nano or mini? Photo!

    I found this over at 9to5mac today. Very interesting photo. Mini or Nano possibly?
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    Folks Expecting WAY too much from SDK!

    MMS for v2 would cause an outrage, since it's software related on Apples end. There's no reason this phone shouldn't have it.
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    No SSL?

    All good! :wink:
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    SMS E-mail Address?

    This is a great site for picture sending. The user sending you photos still need to have some sort of email on their phone though, so it only party helps. It's perfect for iPhone to iPhone though!
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    No SSL?

    Not bad advice, I just didn't feel like spelling out the exact path to get to the settings. If he were an actual iPhone user looking for help, I'd be helpful, but a basher? Why bother?
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    Crystal Films - Wash and Reuse?

    Maybe wash it and use a hair dryer on low heat to dry it off?