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    "This accessory is not made to work with iPhone"

    ...and keep asking me to turn on Airplane mode. Uh... It's docked on the iPhone dock, and this message keeps popping on my screen. Any ideas what's going on here? I usually get this message when I plug my iPhone on some iPod players when I'm at Fry's, BestBuy, etc. I'm still on 1.0.2 by...
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    Different Safari Icon + Dock

    Can someone walk me through the process of doing this. Thank you.
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    If the 8GB iPhone was $399.00 at launch...

    LOL. Some of you guys make it sound like it's between a 30GB and a 60GB. It's between 4 and 8 people! How about showing us how you cram 30GB into an 8GB... LOL. pfft. Otay.
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    Could not activate edge....?

    Crap! I just had the message earlier! Now, it seems like it's back. :foot:
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    iPhone Makes Homework A Breeze!

    Wow, and 99% of the phone out there can't do that... :tounge:
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    If the 8GB iPhone was $399.00 at launch...

    Would you have still got the 4GB version? :2cool: I personally thought 4GB was more than enough for a PHONE. After a week of playing with it I still have almost 2GB left in there. Music/videos you say? Got those on my iPod and/or Zune, and soon to come ZEN. :wink: How about you?
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    iPhone Parody Ad "That's Technology"

    LOL.. OT So let me get this straight. iPhone supports YouTube obviously. So why the hell can't I view YouTube using Safari... LOL... Pfft.
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    Is there a way to keep the iPhone on when docked?

    K, got it. I thought the "Auto-lock" settings was for the "passcode" lock. LOL. I guess I was looking for settings like "Don't dim" while docked or something. :foot: Thanks again.
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    Is there a way to keep the iPhone on when docked?

    "On" = meaning the screen. I just want to see its screen on while docked/charging. Didn't get anything with the SEARCH, and tried under settings, etc., and can't seem to find anything about this... Thanks.
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    Picked up new 4G iPhone today

    Traitor! :2cool: Nice seeing you here Patrick! Funny thing about a new gadget, eh... Congrats to the OP.
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    Low speakerphone volume?

    :gasp: Hmm, so I guess it's not just me then. I hope it get fixed. Thanks for the reply.
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    Low speakerphone volume?

    Hi guys and gals, How's your speakerphone volume? I can barely hear it on mine, just wondering if this is something normal? They can hear me very clearly on the other end, but somehow it's not the same on my end. Thanks.:frown: