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    Adding a line. Not on Family Plan

    After some thought I came to the same conclusion. Plus I can sell the 5 for at least $300 to cover that $250 cost. If I didn't want to go to a larger size I probably wouldn't bother at all. Thanks for the reply. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - [URL=Tapatalk Free[/URL]
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    Adding a line. Not on Family Plan

    I am currently 1 year into my contract since I got the 16gb iPhone 5 when it came out. I would really like to get a 32gb 5S. I only have an individual account which I have had for years. Is it possible or feasible to get another line for my account so that I will have upgradeable phone every...
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    iPhone 5 check in thread

    I didn't pre-order but on a whim after I got off work yesterday I called my closest Apple store to see if they still had any... And they did! Got to the store around 3 waited about 15 minutes in line then walked out with a new white 16g iPhone 5. I thought it would be another month before I got...
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    The Official iPhone 3GS Picture thread!

    I can't believe these pictures come from a phone.
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    Have the 3GS!

    It was actually an easy and painless process. I went to the Apple Store in Braintree where I had reserved my iPhone. I walked into the mall around 6:20 and made my way to the Apple Store. They had separated the people into 2 lines, those with a reservation and those without. I was the 13th...