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    Unlock iphone 6 O2 UK Blacklisted

    Harsh but true. Do your research before buying second hand I guess.
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    iPhone 7 AirPods Question

    LOL do they really sound better than the AirPods?? That does not reflect well on Apple.
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    3rd Party Apple Watch Bands: Some Of The Best I've Found

    I'm yet to find one that's cheaper and of comparable quality. Personally I'd rather spend $149 on a real milanese or classic buckle that get something for $20 off of Amazon that makes the whole watch look cheap. Hermes can take a hike though :eek:
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    App to store and redeem ANY gift card? What about just photos of the cards?

    I didn't even know this sort of thing existed. I've got a few lying around from Christmas so let us know if you find a solution.
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    Mac mini Late 2012 Mac Mini liquid intrusion

    So I take it you haven't tried to switch it back on yet? It's probably worth trying because it might not even work. If it were me I'd use a damp cloth before trying the rubbing alcohol or the toothbrush but the alcohol should do the trick. Good luck.
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    MacBook Pro One thing i really dislike with Apple.

    Windows has the 'automatically installing updates in...' pop up so they're far from perfect in that respect either. In general I agree, needing to verify app store downloads (especially when they are FREE) is pointless. I opened the phone 30 seconds ago, what are the chances someone's stolen it...
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    Unlock an iPhone

    Your carrier can do this for you, but whether they will or won't is at their discretion if you haven't finished paying the contract yet because technically the phone isn't yours yet. Most will do it, especially after 6-12 months.
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    iPhone 7 MKBHD’s iPhone 7 review

    I wouldn't buy one now with the ostensibly hugely improved iPhone 8 coming out later this year. But yes, it's still a 'lit' phone :D.
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    iPhone 7 Apple has just taken away the ability to check whether an iDevice being sold is jacked

    Almost as good as 'Maybe you have to buy an adapter to use the site now...?' and 'Removing it is innovation' haha. I wonder if it is something to do with Apple not wanting you to buy used phones?
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    Apple Watch Battery Life

    Had mine well over a year, no issues whatsoever. I'm sure the battery life's declined slightly over time but nothing drastic or anything.