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    iPhone Endless Boot

    A few days ago I dropped my iPhone, although still usable, the plastic covering on top of the LCD was cracked, so I ordered a screen replacement kit. After replacing the screen, it worked OK but now it seems it's reluctant to boot. I'm not sure if it's because of the breaking screen, but even...
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    iPhone 3G versus iPhone 3GS

    Okay, I'll be honest. The voice control and camera are amazing, I use them all the time. The phone itself is DEFINITELY very fast, I'm not sure how much faster though (first time iPhone user). The compass is nice, though I don't know how much you would really use it (I do use it frequently...
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    How do u turn off the bloody message pop up

    Not in beta 2 either. :dft006:unhappy
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    Did anyone else notice the two finger trick with copy and paste?

    Thanks, didn't know this!
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    Searching for network

    If you aren't going to be using it overnight, why not just put it in Airplane Mode?
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    E-Books for iPhone

    I tried Kindle, it's nice. Thanks for the suggestion. :)
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    E-Books for iPhone

    I'm also interested in this as well. Any opinions?
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    I love browsing on my iPhone!

    I can't seem to get off of mine either, haha.
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    iPhone 3GS 3G vs edge speed. give feed back please

    Top two are Edge, 3rd is 3G, last is WiFi.
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    Actual Battery Usage numbers

    Since 9 AM today. Not as good as what I got last night.
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    Dropped calls

    I've been more than happy with the signal of my 3GS. Everywhere I've been, I've had either 4 or 5 bars of 3G. I have checked other phones in the same areas any they've only had 1 or 2 bars. Never had a dropped call either. Weird... maybe I'm just lucky.
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    AT&T Data plans?

    As Joe said, with AT&T no data plan is required on any phone except the iPhone -- I had a Blackjack II for a while with no data plan and I still paid the subsidized upgrade price.
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    Actual Battery Usage numbers

    Past few hours... quite pleased!
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    AT&T rep said "MMS date has been push backed"

    They will have a lot of angry customers if they try to pull that. Shouldn't affect me either way as I have Family Unlimited texting...
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    I turned Battery % Off.

    Mines off as well now. :laugh2: