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    Flashlight App possible malware

    haha... i know right??? It's been a long time. And TODAY of all days, the big brown truck should be delivering my new iPhone 6 128GB!!! Can't come soon enough. ;)
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    Flashlight App possible malware

    Here is snoopwall's threat assessment report:
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    Flashlight App possible malware

    I did a search and didn't see this covered. There appears to be some reports of certain flashlight apps that may contain "info stealing" malware. I don't know the validity of the reports but did say this claim was part false and part true. Since the iPhone has it's own flashlight...
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    How do you feel about AT&T next program?

    oh wow... you pay a monthly fee AND you have to turn in your current phone (can't sell it for cash). that blows
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    What's your employer's policy on company WiFi?

    I was curious what most smartphone user's employers had for a company wifi policy. Do they allow anyone to use it? Do they restrict it to certain employees? Or is it strictly off limits to employees? With so many people with smartdevices, I can imagine that they are starting to put a crunch...
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    iPhone pic snags cover of Time Magazine

    Interesting to see a cell phone pic landing on the cover of Time for a catastrophe like Sandy.
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    Just Sold iPhone 4S AT&T 64GB - Did I Get A Good Deal?

    I just sold two iPhone 4 black 32GB for $246 and $290 on eBay. Not bad I'd say.
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    iPad as Book Reader?

    I use my iPad 3 as a book reader. I think the mini will be a natural in that department. I also use it to download all the manual PDFs for my cameras, electronic equipment and other devices. It's a great place to store all sorts of documents. One thing that will suffer is reading out in the...
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    iPad Character display issue

    Hey guys, I've tried searching for an issue like this but have not been able to find a solution. In some emails some of the text have a displaying issue. Only half of the character is visible. I'm attaching a photo of the issue. Scrolling up and down does not fix the display issue so I tend...
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    Evaluation of the Samsung Galaxy s3 and iPhone 5

    That's an impressive video Notafanboy.
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    What's your thoughts on AT&T Shared Data?

    I'm pondering the same move but haven't done it. It would save us some money but I'm more interested to see how my data usage changes with iP5/LTE. I can already tell that I use more data just because it's so much faster. I'm going to monitor it for a bit and if my data usage doesn't go...
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    Husband receiving my texts!

    If it's not a big deal then just have your husband TURN OFF your number from his MESSAGES so that he doesn't receive them. If it is a big deal then you'll need separate IDs like others have mentioned.
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    Free iPhone 5 Emails

    You poor people of America. This is a travesty of the highest order. You mean to tell me that you are legitimately offered a free iPad or iPhone and once you participate you find that you do not receive your gift once promised? And to make matters worse you've paid into the program or...
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    Just Ghost-Armor(ed) my iPhone 5!

    I'm interested to see the matte finish of Ghost Armor. Just a comparison, I installed bestskinsever on my iPhone. I use them all the time and prefer the coverage over Zagg. It looks like (compared to Ghost Armor) bestskinsever covers more closely to the switches and sim slot. And yes it...