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    When Apple updates, is iPhone still JB'd?

    So then does iTunes restore all non jailbreak apps, settings, contacts etc and apprestore will restore all jailbreak items such as sbsettings, jailbreak apps etc? This is my first text having to update a jailbreak phone and luckily I think this thread has cleared most of my questions up...
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    iPhone Why Did I Doubt You? Blackberry Storm An Electronics Failure!

    Being that the most recent update addresses safari crashes, I would say they are not hiding anything.
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    I'm starting to hate the iPhone.

    If the iPhone's features are not "top quality" then I don't know what is. It is currently the phone to beat.
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    Feedback on Mobile Me

    I am still in my sixty day trial but I really like it. It has reliably pushed email and it syncs everything across three devices (iPhone desktop and laptop). I was actually surprised it worked so well with Outlook. I will be paying for it when my trial expires.
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    Apple Becoming Synonymous With Petty

    I just got my mom an ipod touch not knowing that there would be no charger in the box. Not a very considerate move on their part...some people use usb 1 still.
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    iPhone virgins... be careful!

    It was just my gut reaction. I have seen plenty of those kinds of families growing up in a Christian family. It is fair to play the odds that someone upset about his daughter - who is past the age of consent and legally an adult - having sex with her boyfriend, is religious. The whole notion...
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    Pastebud - SIMplest Copy/Paste Solution !

    I just came to post this too - I'm in the process of trying to get it to work, but if it does this will be a great help. edit: It works, and it works well from what I have tested so far. Even on wifi, though, it does take some time depending on the source...and occasionally times it...
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    iPhone virgins... be careful!

    Must be a religious family...I don't see the problem with an 18 yo losing her virginity. In fact that is probably later than most of her friends if I were to guess. In any case it is hilarious :)
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    found iPhone

    Heh hey guys I found this bag of cash in a field, only people who rob banks from "the hood" have bags of of money so I am going to keep it, but I was wondering what you guys would do.
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    2 day old iPhone is broken?

    yes, I took it back to Best Buy and it was actually the second exchange which is why i was a bit worried. The initial exchange was to bring back my working 8gb because I decided I wanted a 16gb. They didn't even charge me the 10% restocking fee, though I guess that might appear on my AT&T...
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    2 day old iPhone is broken?

    I took the phone back and the same guy who I got the phone from helped me. He said in the past two months that they have been getting a lot of iPhone returns. Oh well, I hope this new one doesn't have any problems, but it was easy to return. It is just setting up the phone again and...
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    2 day old iPhone is broken?

    I exchanged my 8gb for a 16gb 2 days ago since I was within my 30 days (at Best Buy) and I noticed it did not charged while plugged into the wall last night. SO I plugged it into my computer and it still did not charge. I looked this up on the forums and saw a suggestion to reset the phone, I...
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    Default iPhone email signature

    Is the default signature pretentious? I think I want some signature just to excuse any odd misspellings but I don't want to seem like the signature is flaunting having an iPhone...opinions?
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    "Blackberry is for men, iPhone is for women" - eBay

    Just got this in an email from eBay, guess that makes for a lot of women on these forums. I just traded in my 8gb for a 16bg tonight since I was within my 30 days, I am bursting out of the closet teehee :p
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    Question regarding 30 day return period

    Thanks for the advice, I stopped at best buy on the way back from work and exchanged with no issues.