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    How to listen to FM with iPhone

    Is there a way i can use the iPhone (3g) to listen to FM radio stations?
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    Movie trailers

    Why can't 3g iPhone watch movie trailers on yahoo web site?
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    3G? what 3G!

    that is what is probably going on. thanks.
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    3G? what 3G!

    all i know is what i have experienced comparing to my first gen iPhone. This 3g is a joke. You can never get on or stay on. I travel to michigan better there. Battery even states on the iPhone turning it off saves the battery life more.
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    2G Battery life

    3g not the answer for battery life improvement.
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    3G? what 3G!

    My first generation iPhone was literally washed in the washing machine by one of the kids so had to get a new iPhone. I must tell you my impression of this 3g network. It is a complete joke! I seem never to be able to get on the 3g network. If i am, the signal strength is a joke. At least...
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    Syncing new iPhone

    My iPhone died after my 3 year old put it in the washing machine. I will be buying my new iPhone today. What do i need to do after i buy it? Do i just sync it up like my old iPhone, or is there something else i need to do? I need all my contacts, appointments, etc from my computer to go to...
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    more than one iPhone

    Currently, I have an iPhone, and of course iTunes and also mobileme. My wife now wants an iPhone for herself. Can she share my iTunes to sync her phone? Or does she need a separate iTunes? What about mobile me? Can she share my mobileme, or does she need a separate account with mobileme?
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    Did 2.0.2 fix your email issues? Apple says it did and no longer a problem.

    Push email not working correctly. Or when trying to manually get mail via iPhone, all it does is try to connect to retrieve email and then hangs...and sometimes crash. Only rebooting phone will reset the email. Please read the URL posted.
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    Did 2.0.2 fix your email issues? Apple says it did and no longer a problem.

    Called Apple today and tired to get some of my email issues fixed, and they told me 2.0.2 should have fixed every email issue up do date. I think not...mine is now worse than before. PLEASE, everyone post a vote! Look at the thread posted below--viewed over 23000 times! And well over 600...
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    Have questions about iPhone? Apple tech here

    email blues with iPhone 2.0 colstiger....are you aware of all the email and push email problems there are since 2.0? I always had all my emails (over 30 a day) pushed to my phone without any problems (yahoo email address). Since 2.0, no luck...maybe less than 20% get through. Ive done...
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    total phone restore

    so correct me if i am lose nothing doing a full blown restore?
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    total phone restore

    Question...I would like to do a total full blown restore on my iPhone...i would like to do this to see if my push mail would function afterwards. 1. How do i do this? 2. Will i lose data in terms of calendar, contacts, etc? If yes, will it be totaly restored once i sync again? 3. What...
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    Email Push: Since upgrade to 2.0 Push Hit or Miss

    never mind...still does not work
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    Email Push: Since upgrade to 2.0 Push Hit or Miss

    I think i might have found a solution. On my iPhone, i have two email and mobileme. Both were set to push. I turned the mobileme email portion push im getting yahoo push again so far! yeah!