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  • this is a website where u can host for free files up to 500 mb hope is enough :P when u host it , just buzz me if u want , thanks very much i really appreciate that.....................or this one might be better
    I made an inquiry as to what/why u got banned and they wouldn't tell me...i wasn't about to go and comb through every post you made to find out but w/e.
    The whole baseband thing, i pretty much learned it in a day. I read up on how to pretty much do it, and during the process i answered my main question (why it says not to use quickpwn for future unlocks). I also found out that there are Apple Countermeasures that are a headache to bypass lol.
    Sup Pepe, Glad to see ya back!
    Thanks pepe for all your help!!!you are the bomb, my iphone is know i iPod touch!!!!!thanks for your help
    thank you for your reply! I appreciate it!
    I posted a question thou about your reply in that thread. some websites, like the Dev team one, said to use only Pwnagetool to still confused.
    thank you so much.
    Hello pepeRB29,
    I read your post. I am a little confused and need help with the iphone. I am moving to the UK can I use my iphone 3g there? I know I have to unlock it? any guidelines?
    thank you!
    Hey Pepe, Is the 3g iphone still available? Thanks
    Im a noob when it comes to jailbreaking, could you let me know what it means by openssh?
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