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    New Otterbox WATERPROOF iPhone case

    Awesome, looks like I found my case :2cool:
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    iPhone Weather App/Radar?

    I've had my phone a whopping two days and so far I love it. My only gripe is that the weather feature leaves a lot to be desired (for myself anyways). Is there an iPhone friendly website where I can view the Radar for my area? Is there an application available that does this? Normally I...
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    HELP - Email will not go to phone

    Your post is a bit difficult to read, but I think I got the gist of it. Basically you're saying that your yahoo! email is not being forwarded to your iPhone, however it is being delivered to the Yahoo! servers and you're able to view it on the web? Are you trying to view your email when...
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    New Otterbox WATERPROOF iPhone case

    Does the waterproof case allow for the phone to function while still in the case? I work for a cruise line and while we're in port I usually carry my phone with me, something waterproof would be perfect.