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  • Hey dude where have you been?!? Ive like missed seeing your posts and stuff.
    Hey bro how are you and where have you been? Wow long time no see buddy. Anyway, I assume you're busy with your studies and stuff and I wish you luck. I'm going to join the busy-squad starting Sunday haha, I've been doing nothing ever since I graduated in July of 2008, so I finally am going to start my freshman year, but from the 2nd semester.

    Alright so wish me luck bro, I am sure college life is harder than the school one.

    I'll ttyl and have a nice day!
    Thank You Connie :laugh2:
    -I wish you a late Merry Christmas, and an Awesome New Year:wink:
    PDS, Merry Christmas to you and your family and many blessing in the New Year!!!
    Thank You Starry :laugh2:
    -Merry Christmas to you also!:wink:
    ♪♫♪ ♪♫♪ Merry Christmas ♪♫♪ ♪♫♪
    Alirulzz Im sorry dude but my Aim wont let me log in
    -Ask your question in the Mod section so we can all help you :laugh2:
    hey u thr... i am online.. need help jailbreakiung... hit me back wen your thr
    my aim is a20063267
    u thr
    ... proble help needed
    hey man are u on aim? i hav a quick qs
    I just got done Aim'ing JJ advice on how to unlock the iPhone 2G
    hey what u doing man???
    Yeah Will Smith is not only one of my favorite Actors but also one of my favorite hip-hop artist :2cool:
    Yeah, it's the best show ever. Will Smith kicked ass.
    Haha Ive see almost every episode of Fresh Prince and Family matters and stuff haha! Ive been watching The Fresh Prince since I came back from german 4 years ago :wink:
    -Ive seen almost every episode atleast 15+ times! Serious.
    You know, what I miss the MOST in the States is Nick at Nite. I really loved that channel, Home improvement - Family Matters - Fresh Prince of Bel Air, damn all sweet shows. I really want to go back and study at university there just to watch it, take a green card (and in 4 years the US passport), to have low ping in the online games hosted by US companies I play hahaha, and that's totally all about it.
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