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  • Thanks for the link, but Im already buying an iPhone from a friend of EiC tomorrow evening:laugh2:

    Haha and yeah my friend took that pic when I slept over his house lol it the Fresh Prince on Nick at nite:p
    Ever since I turned 16 Ive been REALLY sleepy for some reason, and on top of that Im taking harder classes so its been hard haha!! The only reason Ive even been on EiC lately is because my Accounting class has computers in their and I come here when done with my work
    Damn it George, don't go for the Blackberry. And no joining everything blackberry. Are you crazy?
    Have you tried asking them to support you on a v1? If not that, why not ask them why they say no to the 3g? I asked my parents why they disagreed, and based on the reasons they told me, I adjusted my argument. That's how I got mine. I fought for 7 months to get this phone, and damn, you deserve it more, lol.
    Ive been in school bro:laugh2:

    I took Advanced physical conditioning class and its killing me haha! And Im in Geometry and Accounting so thats keeping me busy;)

    Coupled with the fact that I didn't get my "dream" phone, so currently Im just floundering(if thats the right word) for an iPhone v1. . .I hope that I find one before my mom changes her plan to fit my "coming soon" blackberry curve :sick:
    -and if I get the blackberry then I will join the Everything blackberry site sooo. . .
    Thanks for checking in on me Starry:laugh2:
    -I get paid next thursday and I'll have finally fufilled my short term dream of having an iPhone!:laugh2:

    Sadly my summer is almsot over. . . I spent so much time working that I've only hung out with friends for maybe a few hours worth of summer :( But I guess it would have been worth it cause next tuesday is when school starts back up and Ill have the whole year to talk to them Lol!

    Thanks again for seeing how I was doing
    Love ya:laugh2:
    How's my favorite young man doing? Had ya on my mind wanted to pop in an say Hello and hope you're having a great summer and not working too hard at McDonalds.. :) Love ya hun!!
    Well I really f'd up my reveal so its apart of people seeing the real me and forgetting what I did in my reveal ya kno :)
    -If I didn't. . .
    Another new avatar?? You camera whore you :p

    I think Hayes changes his avatar less than you ;)
    My pics are so dark I hate them haha!
    -I need another muscle shot ;)

    wait tell me how you like this one. . .1 sec

    Edit: nevermind the pic sucks:p
    -I need another muscle shot;). . .WTH I just said that
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