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  • It measures 5" 1/8th in length

    You'll love the freedom this case gives you man!!! I don't think I'll use another case again.
    What is your definition of an announcement? just so i know what you will allow me to put up.
    psylichon- Congratz on 10K. Also Thanks for not banning me. kthxbye
    Hands down best mod here!
    Hey man which store will you be camping out at on iDay3?
    I also live in Philly and will be at the Willow Grove Mall
    Hey, there are two threads in the 3GS forum that ask whether or not you are getting the new iphone.
    They should probably be merged or one closed. :)
    Not my issue (though many have had that back pocket, I forgot the phoine issue at some point) but what a cool reply....wish I had your talent/skill! : )
    Everyone please direct questions to an appropriate thread, make one, or PM me. I hardly EVER check my visitor messages.
    sorry regardng the message I left you prior to this. The thread I'm talking about is one concerning unlocking the iphone to use it in different carriers but also have it jailbroken.
    thank you!
    I'm confused reading this thread:
    I am an AT&T carrier and planning to move to London. I would like to of course jailbreak my iphone, but also unlock it so that I can use it in London.
    Now what is the best way to do so?
    thank you!
    jailbroke my phone installed winterboard and cydia, can you tell me what else should go into it thanks alot
    lol cool cool
    I became a moderator by being here and participating actively for a long time. There is no money in it. I just wanted to help out with the late-night spamming.
    hey man, i got some questions? How u become a moderator? Do u get money? Im just curious. Thankx
    Prepare yourself.
    This Sunday.

    Lets hope Andy and they boys can pull of a win for the SUPER BOWL!
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