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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    ^ because I don't need to see the full calendar at all times. I need certain icons on my homepage. To each her own.
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Time weather calendar plus hello kitty themes.
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    Facebook 3.1 update

    There's an error w adding a comment for pics unless u go to the person's wall then click the comment.
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    How often do you change cases?

    About once a week. I have about 4 cases with another on the way.
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    Words With Friends

    I'm addicted too. I'm mimiej
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    Anyone else thinking of jumping to T-mobile?

    I'm happy w AT&T as well. Service rocks in my area but I agree the rates are high.
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    Tutorial - blackra1n jailbreak fix

    Thank god for this fix. Prior, I spent countless hours trying to jb. The trick was saving blackrain to the c drive and running it as admin. Voilà!
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    Tutorial - blackra1n jailbreak fix

    I may get the balls to try this again. Restoring and putting all my junk on many times is no fun. I hope it works for me.
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    What do you think about the Verizon Android Phone?

    Idk much abt the phone, but I know their ads take a stab at Apple. I'll never switch from my iPhone. Love it!
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    iPhone user beware of AT&T

    I've heard this many times. Even if u hadn't told them u were on an iPhone, I believe they can tell and would add the data plan anyway.
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    The MMS Complaints Thread!

    My family on tmobile cannot receive my mms, nor can I receive theirs. Smh
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    Blackra1n 3G

    I'm done trying this as well. I don't know how many times I had to restore. Ugh!
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    Ping! is Blackberry messenger for iPhone AND iPod Touch

    I got mine for free and it's pretty cool. I'm pinging a friend in Canada.
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    Should app upgrades always be free? (Tweetie discussion)

    Oh man, and here I was thinking the upgrade would be free. Sorry tweetie, but I have spent way too much $ on Twitter apps and will stick with simplytweet. I understand the entire code was rewritten but why not at least give existing tweetie users a break like an upgrade for .99?
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    Ramesh is the SIMplyTweet guy

    It's one of my fav Twitter apps.