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    Update long to download?

    took me about 12 mins, at 1.5 mps dsl
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    iTunes 7.4.3

    7.4.3 is avaliable and I am d/l ing it now, here is what it says before you accpet With iTunes 7.4, sync your favorite music and more with the new iPod nano (third generation), iPod classic, and iPod touch, plus create custom ringtones exclusively for iPhone with many of your favorite songs...
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    Why can't Apple do this...

    just curious, why would you unlock and not switch carriers, can you do something us locked down iPhones can't do
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    Official iPhone Update 1.1.1 Software Update Release Discussion

    What podcast are you looking for, you can stream all espn podcasts' by going here if your looking for some other podcast go to who offers it and tell them to make it accessable via safari browser, I use my on edge and it is awesome
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    Anyone besides me possibly giving up iPhone?

    I am an iPhoner for life :)
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    Are Stock iPhones Having Any Problems w/ Update?

    My phone is a Virgin, updated to 1.1.1 no problems as of yet
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    The 1st song you bought on iTunes iPhone

    I downloaded Korn, Coming Undone via the iTunes WiFi Music Store
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    WiFi passcode

    just log in to your linksys and goto wireless settings and it should be listed there. and you should be able to change the code to something else that your remember
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    iPhone Shipping?

    Originally Posted by petalmom Hopefully it wasn't on this truck! :) Im so sorry
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    update 1.1.1 gonna be Thursday?

    getting late, don't think they are going to work OT to put it out tonight
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    iPhone Users: reply and send e-mails 8X faster using voice

    With the extra steps to forward and everything, wouldn't that probably add up to 2 mins. I think I would rather type the msg sorry
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    Will iPod feature work on iPhone that is not activated

    Hope you got insurance on that shipment
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    How many have not modded or unlocked your iPhone?

    Waiting to see if Apple, backs any of these apps or come out w/ their own.
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    I think I ruined my battery...

    I've let my battery drain a couple of times, and it still runs like a champ
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    iPhone formatted weather site

    Very nice find. 15 day forecast and radar in motion map