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    Mail on 2.X.X

    Ever since I updated to the 2.0 (the official version, never did the prerelease), my mail application has not worked. Almost every time I try to go into Mail, it crashes to the home screen. I've tried to circumvent the problem by going to"Settings" and setting up my gmail account, and the...
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    Best book reader app?

    Has anyone else run into the problem I mentioned in the above post? Thank you
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    Customize 2.0 problem..i cant change system things

    Thank you... I should have thought of that... way too obvious. Thank you again.
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    Customize 2.0 problem..i cant change system things

    Is there a good place to go to get themes and such for Customize? I had downloaded some themes for the old one which i cannot find anymore. Thank you
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    Best book reader app?

    rubooks I have rubooks and I can't seem to open the ebooks. I've downloaded 3-4 different books. everytime I navigate to the book and click on it, it just brings up a blank white screen. I've tried various things but it only shows a blank white screen. Has anyone else run into this problem?
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    Jailbreak software for 1.1.2 released by Dev Team

    Just want to take a moment and Say "Thank you". I did something that screwed up my fone and had to "restore/update" my phone. I was able to follow your instructions and open up the fone for 3rd party apps. Thank you for all your help!
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    iMapIdle: SIMulated push email with any IMAP service.

    This application would "kind of work for me" meaning that I would sometimes get a notification from this app that I have a message, but it would not be put into my inbox. I was fiddling around with my settings this morning and I realize that the email account I set up in iPhone mail app is set...
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    iMapIdle: SIMulated push email with any IMAP service.

    I've seen the same thing above. I get the message that I have an email but the email does not show up until the email app goes out and checks for new mails
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    How to use rSBT and Summerboard

    I need help finding out where I can download Summerboard from, besides the installer. I have firmware 1.1.1, I did the jailbreak and have installer on there. but if I install Summerboard through installer it screws up the springboard. And thus I need to install Summerboard through the ibrikr...
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    Music Lost + "Restore from Backup"

    Bump... any information about the "Restore From backup" feature of iTunes would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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    Use iPhone as an alarm

    I have modded my iPhone, but I don't have any ringtone mods. is it complicated to turn songs into ringtones?
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    Music Lost + "Restore from Backup"

    Hi, I've read where people have sometimes spontaniously lost music from the iPhone. This happened to me this week. and its not that big of a problem as I have my music on my laptop. My concern is that, when I connected my iPhone to the laptop it comes up with a screen which is asking me if I...
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    WiFi WEP KEYs

    I connected my iPhone with the wifi at my work. We use rotating WEP keys, ie. every month they change the WEP key. my iPhone does not give me the option of retyping the wep key for the network, it just fails at connection and thats it. Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix this? Thank you
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    Gmail via Safari

    i have a problem with writing messages in gmail. Ie. Composing, replying or forwarding. For some reason the keyboard does not show up. Does any one else have this problem also?
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    movies now show chapters

    [ QUOTE=hexonxonx;83210]First you have to either have purchased some movies with iTunes or converted a DVD to your computer using handbrake or some other program. If you buy the movies in iTunes, they will already show up in iTunes and all you have to do is choose to sync them to the iPhone...