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    Looking for a good pair of cheap headphones, not in-ear

    walmart sells the koss in ear style and jvc for about 20.00
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    halo 3 theme

    halo 3 hay that sounds pretty cool to have on the iPhone a halo 3. theme is cool
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    BlackJack + iPod -> iPhone

    phone capacity I have a 1 gig ipod so a 4 or even 8gig iPhone would be so great...
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    The iPhone will be world changing

    this phone is going to change a lot of things in the world...
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    Monster Headphone Adapter

    head phone jack I thought the iPhone came with a 1/8 inck jack on it?
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    bible on iPhone

    I see most of the guys @ my church using pdas for there bibles instead of a paper back bibles so having an iPhone with the bible on it would be so cool....
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    iPhone and a sound board

    I have a sound board @ home and am currantlly using my nano to listen to through the sound board which I play drums along to so I think that the iPhone would be great because I don't know when a call comes through unless I check my old style cell getting a iPhone would be so great to...