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    Considering going back to AT&T

    My experience with the original iPhone (2G) was not good where I live and I went to another carrier. Now I am considering the iPhone 4 and hope that ATT has made some signal improvements since 2006 in my area. My Sprint Palm Pre has a great OS, but signal is poor at home and at my office. A...
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    Camera flash issue w/case

    Someone mentioned that using a black Sharpie to color the area around the lens opening of the case solves this reflection issue.
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    Do you think the iPhone Nano is on the way?

    I think an iPhone in a smaller form factor and weight factor would be nice. The screen size is still very usable for the browser and all the other iPhone stuff would be unchanged. :laugh2:
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    Belkin Car Charged doesn't work with 3G

    Today I bought the Belkin TuneBase FM for $99 and it is great and works with my V1. The guys at the Apple store said it should work fine with 3G. It is simplistic , no wires and very functional. Clear sound, occasionally I changed the station for the FM, but always had a great sound. The...
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    I hate you 2.0!

    Where is 2.01? I installed 2.0 and my V1 is: 1. slower on everything, screen changes, camera is slower.. 2. Crashes x2 per day 3. Screwy Wi-Fi sometimes finds my router sometimes not (always did on 1.4) 4. Cellular signal less bars at my home 5. Crash Band.. and most of the apps...
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    Constant crashing!!

    My V1 with 2.0 seems at times to be sluggish and it has crashed numerous times with Cro-Mag race game. Even without playing any games, the battery is not lasting as long a before 2.0
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    confused about A2DP?

    What about this item?
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    CAUTION! Do not use magnetic case

    I have this leather case and it ruined 3 iPhones.
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    AT&T Reception: iPhone vs others

    I live north of Cincinnati and I have "No Service" in my house and a block around my house. My Verizon always had a full signal. I called ATT and they said they wrote a ticket about it and a few days later I received an email stating the ticket has been resolved. The problem persists. It is...
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    Returning my Apple BT

    Try the Jabra JX10, small has ear loop and works well. I have one and it pairs fine.
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    saving contacts and everything else

    Just lost all of my contacts! All of my contacts are gone, not on the iPhone or my macbook, ,what the heck is going on. this is a major problem. The phone was staying in the sync mode for an hour so I reset the mac and the phone and now all my contact are gone.:angry:
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    Earpiece Volume Tip/Technique!

    Tinman thanks for the useful tip, some common problems have common solutions.
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    The "perfect" holster case

    The CEO sleeve's clip extends above the case line and would appear to poke the wearer in the side. The clip on the Griffin Elan does not. I have the Elan and like it. The perfect case may be a belt clip horizontal holster with a magnetic flap that has a low profile and does not interfere with...
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    How many here dropped Verizon for the iPhone?

    I dropped VZN for the iPhone and have dopped calls daily, no service at home and about a block around my home. I, like everyone else hopes that ATT builds more towers. Ironic though that ATT says they are the carrier with the least dropped calls, I think not.
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    Accessing "AT&T WiFi"

    It is a service you have to pay for. Only if you use ATT for your home high speed internet do you get a user name for email and a password to use to log into a Mcdonald's hot spot. Just becasue you have an ATT account with the iPhone does not give you free hotspot access.