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    iPhone To Nexus One

    I put my iPhone on att suspension ($!0mo)til the next iPhone comes out or is announced. can still iPod touch-it on wifi while enjoying the unlocked N1 on tmobile. Apple will have to wow me
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    Tried Jailbreaking: how do i tell if its now a paperweight

    Have u tried (while connected to iTunes)... Holding power for 5sec continue holding power but hold home also for 10sec release power but continue holding home for 30sec shouldd have a black screen and response from computer. Keep playing with that sequence timing is important
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    blackra1n is released

    DO.......NATE! The man is my hero lol! Sweet easy process on 3.1.2 Windows XP........even after accidentally rebooting during Cydia download......
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    Tasks / ToDo's

    Naaah , Appigo's ToDo: the class of the bunch. Does much more and just as elegantly as Things. Has a push update ready for Apple release.
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    For those with bad battery life, a fix

    Fact is the battery on the 3GS sucks. Worst of any iPhone so far. Bad thing 1: Apple doesn't use a battery with more charge. Bad thing 2: Apple makes the big announcement that the battery is better. Dumb asses.
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    browsing sites in mobile format sucks

    Big bump on that!
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    The "S" is for SPEED!

    Cool!....join the 3GS happy club!
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    Palm Pre competition? hahahaha

    Absolutely ....I'd replace iPhones OS with Pre's in a second...does some sweet stuff....but keyboard's an instant deal breaker (the 650's was nice), as is the general build, and screen size.
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    The "S" is for SPEED!

    Huh, then walked outside, did a speed test...was1500+ download, then: 1900+ download. No sh**.(I don't do speedtests much but it was 550-650 last week). Maybe AT&T started something this Monday morning.
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    The "S" is for SPEED!

    LOL...OK...I don't know what the F is going on but...seriously, this thread motivated me to walk to Sprint on way to Chipottle,.( was gonna send screenshots of 3G, and a pic of pre )..cleared the caches..and did a simultaneous start on 5 of my heavy sites, and do you know that the 'S' won 4 of...
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    The "S" is for SPEED!

    And by the way I LOOOVE the 3G S. ...and speeds fine. No way I'd trade it for the Pre. But not because if speed or OS (Id exchange that in a second...does so many sweet things). But it's cause of keyboard (no way for a power user); smaller screen, battery, and overall build...doesn't...
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    The "S" is for SPEED!

    That's whY I'm at today... Hey could u time the Download speed of this!
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    The "S" is for SPEED!

    That's funny...been 6-700 for 3 days. Just tested after I saw your note: 1373kbps I prefer real world tests: time to download
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    The "S" is for SPEED!

    Read carefuly..I said I tested on both wifi and 3g. Full bars on the iPhone.... Pre's just faster. Go into a sprint store in strong signal area and test. My 3G's consistantly at 550-750kbps
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    Palm Pre competition? hahahaha

    If I could replace the iPhones OS with the Pre's I do it in a second . That thing is suhweeet.