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    Attachment save (kinda) trick

    Good find, I haven't had too much time to experiment with my phone lately but I did have that problem. Soon enough I know they will correct the PDF issue because I use to like reading eBooks on my treo which lead me to buying this phone in hopes that a bigger screen could make the text easier to...
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    Copy and Paste demo (sweet video inside)

    Lol, did you see his throat after each time he spoke?
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    What Kind Of Video Do You Have On Your iPhone?

    I just got done watching the 44 episodes available for bleach, about to load my phone up with family guy and robot chicken to watch on the go.
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    talking and listening to music

    I would hang up as well but, I'm saying this from a prospective that the rude person has an iPhone and does this:smile: It gives them more pointless conversation options
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    How do you transfer music?

    Not unless u have the play list set to sync under your iPhones options on iTunes using music tab after u have your iPhone selected.
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    talking and listening to music

    interesting idea about sharing music but, this is also a way for someone to be rude on the phone. Every met someone that does everything on the phone but talk to u? :wink:
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    Quality Issues

    I might look into this as well seeing how you noticed the phones that came with the new bunch were better. I got mines the day of 6-29 as well.... haven't had any problems with it but I also haven't been able to compare the screen quality or anything to that of another iPhone.
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    Email Setup?

    Who is your email service provider?
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    iPhone on Desktop

    Well if that be the case a restore will wipe the set clean and then restore the ROM, then it will be good as new.
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    iPhone vindication with regards to Duke University

    Those BASTARDS! how dare they acuse the iPhone before they do their job!
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    Playing music through iPhone speaker

    Which EQ setting do you use? I still stray from playing music unless i'm using my head phones.
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    iPhone a big hit at the family reunion

    I know the feeling, I've pulled mines out at my friend's baby shower and the barber shop unconsciously to use it. At the baby shower everyone was claiming they'd steal it if I didn't hold on to it tight lol. Now at the barber shop, every time I go in there 2 barbers keep saying "Hey man let me...
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    Message pops up everytime I plug in iPhone....Help!

    That screen pops up because your iPhone's photo storage is accessed via usb when you plug it in regardless of iTunes. I hate it myself but I don't have a problem when hitting the cancel button thats weird....
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    Security Alert: first iPhone vulnerability

    Haha i personally don't care if someone reads my text messages, in the end i'm gonna get all the action of course! Unless its my fiancé hacking my phone :embarrassed: that would be bad.
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    Am I a dummy?

    You welcome.