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    iPhone SE iPhone SE2 Camera

    Rumors??? You thinking of the iPhone 12? Tech specs for the SE 2020 are on apples site.
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    iPhone SE iPhone SE2 Camera
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    iPhone 7 iPhone Camera Roll Crash

    Try starting the device in DFU mode and reinstall/update via iTunes. More info:
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    iPhone 7 iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

    Un jailbreak it and restore
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    iPhone 7 iPhone Camera Roll Crash

    Was his phone jailbroken too?
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    My daughter forgot her passcode!

    Since the original post was from 2011.... if they didn’t get it unlocked, they’ve bought a new phone LMAO
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    Short cut on iPad

    Or maybe save them in DropBox or onedrive, etc... can set up a shortcut in Shortcuts to them, could possibly also do that if they’re stored locally on the iPad??
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    Short cut on iPad

    Are the files stored locally on the iPa?
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    Can't restore or update iPhone 4 Error (3194)

    Dude... you realize this thread is OVER 8 YEARS OLD????
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    Question? Any old time regulars still come around?

    Same here, sadly.
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    Help! I need my Ipad Fixed!

    Another 3 year old post... I’m betting they did fix it by now. It seems all you recommend are these 3rd party apps
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    Hacking a passcode from original iPad

    I doubt the OP waited 3 years
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    EiC is DEAD

    Not that it’s my place, but I hereby declare this forum DEAD. No admins or mods anymore Cant update what iPhone you have beyond the iPhone 6 No threads for anything g dealing with iOS 13 (was there even a thread for 12?) No body posts anymore & if they do it’s to 6 and 7 year old threads...
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    Sound on iPad stuck in headphone mode

    Check the date of the original post.... almost SEVEN years ago!
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    Help stuck in reboot

    Seeing that this thread is over 4 years old.... I’m betting they either gave up, fixed it or got a new device.