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    Invisible Shield and iPhone

    Skip invisible shield go for Martin Fields I once tried the invisible shield on my 5G ipod and it was a nightmare to get on correctly. I presently have screen protectors by Martin Fields on all of my gadgets from my 5g ipod, PSP, nano, and my Sony Ericsson phone that I replaced with my iPhone...
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    What happens when I plug in my iPhone to my computer with 30gb og media?

    So I own a 30gb ipod a nano and a shuffle that i have been syncing by using different user accounts on my computer. Will I have to continue to do this with the iPhone or will I be able to just sync it under my regular 30gb account? How ill this work? RPB
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    More iPhone Accessories Revealed

    Too bulky I think this may cause the iPhone to be a bit too fat for my taste. RB
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    Radio Shack clerk says they'll have the iPhone

    Radio Shack needs iPhone I do not believe that the iPhone will be sold at Radio Shack, but I can tell you from what I have heard that Radio Shack needs all the help that they can get to stay in businesss. RB
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    Is anyone else sick of all the F'n secrets?

    I just want to know about the data plan All the hype is 100% Apples way of doing things. We know what the phone is going to cost . I am just worried that the data plan is going to cause me to pass. I have planned ahead for the cost of the phone but if the phone data plan goes above $30 I'll...
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    Went to a Cingular/AT&T store in Cleveland.. asked about Waiting List

    Another Cingular saleman with no clue I went in to a local Cingular store today and they said that it was delayed til September. They just do not have a clue. After the Engadget slip up I seriously doubt that there will be any delay. I do not want to see my Apple stock take a dive. RB
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    AT&T slip?

    Another AT&T employee said June 15th I was just at a AT&T store to check on switching when the iPhone comes out. There were four of the associates in a huddle when I walked up. I kinda think that since I am looking at the forums on this site and others I probably know about 200% more than any...
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    Standing in line, waiting?

    Data Plan? If the data plan is too much I may just have to wait for the wide screen ipod. I just can't justify paying $40 a month for a data plan. That is almost as much as I pay for my high speed connection at my house. Hopefully there will be a less expensive option that you can choose and...
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    Will you be getting an iPhone?

    iPhone? I simply can't wait for the iPhone but if the monthly bill sky rockets out of control I will have to pass. Hopefully they will keep the cost at a reasonable rate. I have no problem paying $600 for a great device but I do have a problem paying an large cell bill for two years. RB
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    Cingular Store Comment

    Warranty from Apple? I am hoping that they provide a way to get Applecare on the iPhone. Just keep Cingular out of that part of the hardware entirely.
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    iHome Clock Radio

    Buy it! I bought on on sell about a six months ago and it has pretty big sound for a clock radio. Check out's review of it. It is also a good solution if you do not have a dock hooked up to your computer for charging. I set my Nano and my 5G in the dock for charging. RPB
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Just a quick post to thank everyone in advance for all the good info on the iPhone. Let's hope for a release in the very near future and an abundance of iPhones. RPB