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    Pandora on unlocked iPhone?

    I don't have a jailbroken iPhone but I do remember reading that it does also support Apple's App Store. All you have to do is search either in the Music category or you can do a search for Pandora using the search function. It's a free download either way so have at it :smile:
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    So, who has not had any problems with their phone?

    I haven't had too many problems with mine. Doesn't suffer from heating up, I have great reception, and my battery seems to last for quite some time. I will say, I'm very pleased.
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    Easy way to get alerted on new apps?

    I personally use "Feeds ($.99) for my feed reader. It's probably one of the best ones out, imho of course. I can only assume it works the same general way with others. Whenever you open up the particular feed, it will search for anything new and update the feed on your device. I typed in the...
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    does any one have Vay?

    I downloaded it a few weeks ago and I will say I was hooked. The controls take a tad bit of getting use to since it's all touch screen and you have to be pretty precise when trying to talk to NPCs at times. I haven't ever heard of Vay before so I'm not entirely sure what it looked like then...