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    Bluetooth Rant

    toggled it back on and Bluetooth was active on Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin the phone but the headset did not automatically connect, which is fine because I just had to press the talk button on the headset to get it to connect. I didn't have to go into Settings at all.
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    iPhone X Which new iPhone are you going to get?

    That beautiful device will get small scratches at the very least. Nox Vidmate VLC
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    How can I print text messages on iPhone?

    I tried that. It reverts to my number. ? reverse image search email checker port checker
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    Apple TV will get an OS update on September 18th, 2013, according to AllThingsD

    I know it's most likely always been on there but how easy would it be just to use a regular cable that plugs into every other Apple device.
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    Airplay on Apple TV

    Supposedly this somehow prevents competition with their more traditional revenue streams.
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    Cutting the cord

    You overlook the topic of this thread. Neither device allows the user to very effectively "cut the cord" with their cable provider.
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    Yet another Apple TV issue

    I get done watching something. I was letting the Apple tv turn itself off. Doing that I could not mirror or playing anything from my iTunes server.
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    Do I need an Apple TV?

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    Hulu comes to the Apple TV

    I like my cable service with DVR we record and watch what we want when we want. We record most of our shows.
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    Do I need an Apple TV?

    I don't understand why they go for so much but I guess they have a cult following and people pay big bucks for them..
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    No love for the iPad Pro?

    there wasn't any store close enough that had it available so I chose delivery.
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    you're probably seeing Google's 'My Contacts' in your address book. For every person who sends you an email, Google keeps a record of them in your Google Contacts. The unfortunate side effect is, if you ever sync your Google Contacts to another contact list (such as your iPhone address book), it...
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    iPad message app issue

    to have to constantly tap the persons name for a conversation to come back up. But that's just me.
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    Apple TV vs. Roku

    i guess i need an htpc. i don't rent from iTunes or netflix and to keep the lappy open all the time just to have access to my library seems absurd.