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    Official iPhone Update 1.1.1 Software Update Release Discussion

    You are a brave brave person. Can't wait to hear what happens.
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    Why aren't we allowed to complain?

    People are allowed to complain. And others are allowed to agree or disagree with them. I do agree with you that sometimes the level of disagreement goes overboard, however. Also, I don't know why you would assume that Apple won't continue to develop and perfect the iPhone, which is already a...
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    Any damage to my eyes?

    Might be normal. How long is your nose and how big is the freckle? *:o)
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    iPhone roaming

    As mentioned by other, roaming within the U.S. in included in prepaid. If you are talking about international roaming, however, it is not available with prepaid. I know this from personal experience.
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    What was your last phone before the iPhone?

    Blackberry Pearl, which I still have to use when I am working in southeast Asia because of the combination of: 1. AT&T's outrageous international roaming rates, 2. the fact that I can't get my iPhone sim unlocked to allow me to use a local prepaid sim card when out of the U.S. Irritating.
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    Which LCD model does your iPhone have? *READ*

    Ditto - great 7xx screen here Same deal here. I have one of the 7xx screens and is stunningly beautiful.
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    Anyone not using a case?

    Same for me - I don't use a case and the iPhone is fine. I am careful to be sure that the pocket that it goes into has nothing else in it, not even a Kleenex (don't want to get the iPhone all dusty).
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    iPhone outside of US

    Actually, I am working in Indonesia right now and I have my iPhone with me so I know that the information that I gave Thizzco0kie is accurate.
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    iPhone outside of US

    Unless you have International Roaming enabled on your AT&T plan (not the default), you will not have any edge service at all outside the U.S. That means that you will not have any voice or sms capability at any time. You will have browser and email when you are connected to a wifi network, and...
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    Turn off EDGE...

    International Roaming Unless you have international roaming activated on your AT&T account (which is not the default), you won't be able to use Edge outside of the U.S. anyway. However, the wifi will work fine, which is apparently what you want. Of course, you would not be able to use the...