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    Top choices for crystal clear screen protectors

    Not sure how helpful you will find my post but I find naked is best. I have tried the invis shield and various anti glare and privacy screens and was always disappointed in the image quality between have something on vs naked. I have had my iPhone 4 since launch day and minus the 2-3 months i...
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    How many of you will buy the next iPhone?

    I will probably get the next iPhone since I have had my 4 since launch day. This phone still works perfect but I want more space for my pics and vids.
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    Enter to win Angry Birds for iPhone

    I wanna win!
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    Otterbox Defender Contest Thread

    I'd like to win just to win!
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    Win the Verizon iPhone from everythingiCafe

    I'd like to win so I can compare the AT&T version with the verizon one.
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    Win a HardCandy iPhone 4 case

    I'd like to win!
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    Corrupted Genie Game

    Wish granted but it gets permanently stuck in windows xp vmware. I wish I had a fighter jet.
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    MacBook Pro Worth An Upgrade

    I'd wait until a hardware refresh at the least. Also, keep checking the refurbs as some really good deals will show up on there (rarely tho) and the refurbs come with the same warranty as a new MBP. Plus, it's a mac, and it'll last forever anyway. I have the original macbook and it's still...
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    Had Hard Drive Replaced... Apps are gone.

    You should be able to right-click your iPhone in iTunes and hit "Transfer purchases." I think that's how it works on my macbook, at least.
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    can't connect to iTunes store

    So I was trying to download a free off of that free app website, but I keep getting an error on my iPhone 4 that it can't connect to the iTunes store. So I tried downloading it on my macbook and get an error saying "We're sorry, we cannot complete your request on the iTunes Store at this time...
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    MacBook Pro USB erased on Disk Utility; no longer working...

    Maybe your USB stick is in the wrong format. Try checking to see which file system your DVD player recognizes. I'm guessing your MBP formatted it to HFS (aka Mac's file system) instead of the more common FAT, FAT32 or NTFS filesystems used by windows machines. You can check the filesystem of...