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    1.1.2-1.1.4 ziPhone issue

    well i searched around and couldnt find a solid response to my question of how to view the synced contacts in outlook 2007.. i just want to be sure that i don't lose my contacts when i restore
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    1.1.2-1.1.4 ziPhone issue

    im on a jailbroken 1.1.2 and i wanted to know if it was absolutely necessary that i restore before using ziPhone.. can i just update to 1.1.4 and use ziPhone to jailbrake?! if not, i have a new question.. when i tried to sync my contacts in the info tabs how do i know if it succeeded.. where do...
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    Dropped in snow

    thanks for all the help guys but the rice did the trick. my phone is good as new. i left it there for a good 24 hours, it was hard to live that long without my iPhone (especially bc my internet was down and i really wanted to check the internet), but i had to. only downside is my phone smelt...
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    Dropped in snow

    i just dropped my iPhone in snow and didn't realize until 10 minutes later. after i found it, it was wet and covered in snow, it was working but i immediately turned it off. im going to put it in rice and i hope it works when i check in a day or so. any other suggestions? its a different...
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    SIM Card!

    thanks for the help everyone. p.s. docking the phone didn't make a difference
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    this game is a life saver.. very unique and a game that involves thought! i play it all the time during my ap environmental class. love all the different level packs, JungZandvliet and Rawd's Multimap are my 2 favs
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    SIM Card!

    a few weeks after i got the iPhone (on iday) i dropped my phone while i was drunk. it was on a gravel driveway and i sh*t my pants just a little. the damage was minor, dent/scratch at the top of the chrome bezel and dent with discoloration at the top from the headphone jack to the sim card slot...
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    Back cover slowly decoloring... (for iPhoners with no case)

    i don't have a case but on iDay i purchased the film screen cover from Apple... when i got home i immediately tore the one it came with off (i found it hard to use the phone) and placed the one i bought on.. so my screen is in perfect condition under there. the back faceplate and front chrome...
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    What is your ringtone?

    harder, better, faster, stronger.... Daft Punk
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    Dirt in Speaker and Microphone

    i usually use a combo of dust-off and a toothpick/ other sharp object to get all the grimy dirty stuff out of the tiny speaker/mic. holes and the docking slot. it works, but i have to constantly do it...
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    iPhone sighting on TV Show

    saw the iPhone in "without a trace" last week
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    please.. that scuff is nothing, its from everyday use, as ppl have already stated. but i thought i should add another warning: don't USE iPhone WHILE DRUNK! i dropped mine on pavement, luckily the screen didn't brake and the back of the phone is fine but right at the top (near the headphone jack)...
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    What Kind Of Video Do You Have On Your iPhone?

    MOVIES: fear and loathing in las vegas pulp fiction knocked up SHOWS: ATHF family guy south park
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    Reminder sounds for calendar or missed calls

    im having the same problem with my iPhone, i never hear an alert for my calendar events... or im going deaf...
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    Making own ringtones---How?

    yah the alarm is awesome, its from 007- goldeneye... for those of you who didn't recognize it.... im glad that we will soon be able to have (free) custom ring tones.