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  • Lovin' life!
    yes, sure. It's tsc342.
    how about you?
    I have to warn you, I'm not on too often right now, a lot of college stuff going on.
    Hey Sik, I appreciate the condolences. It was a hard thing to do, but I know she is in a much better place than she was before she died. Again, thank you so much for your support.
    It's been consistent battery life since day 1.
    Yup, no battery change. :(
    Plus, I got one of those defective iPhones with the crack of light b/w the bezel and the screen. (I tryed asking Apple if it's qualified to exchange, they said it's the light "refracting" from my screen protecter. bs)
    I really want to get it exchanged, but I don't want a refurbed iPhone. What should I do?
    but thats incredibly odd! I have the opposite of you (forgot, auto brightness off, and location off as well) and i'll get a max of 4 hours, 15 minutes. that doesn't sound normal, does it?
    hey sik
    hows your battery life for your phone? I have bluetooth off, wifi off, 3g on, push off (its on manual update), and my brightness is almost the lowest setting. I only get 4 hours of actual usage. I mainly use youtube and internet, almost no ipod.
    hey, I read your reveal, and it rocked!
    I would have wrote more, but i'm on my phone unfortunetly.
    just about to look for it. Under gucci, right? Can't wait!!
    genius? niceeee
    i put up my reveal
    its in my siggy

    whats up with all these new avatars
    lol, cool......
    Lol. Nm, Jailbreaking my iPhone. How about you?
    So.. where's the pic of the GF? The 'rents? Your bros? ;) I'm like your eic nosey neighbor.
    I *did* see your reveal.. but when I tried to post, safari crashed and then I got sidetracked and then I forgot. Sorry! :( I'll go correct that right now.
    Hey man... Thanks for the friend request. If you have a facebook or twitter, add me there also.. My facebook is and my twitter is dimensiondvdrob. I just got Twinkle for my phone to start using twitter more and keep up with it.

    Have a good one, man.

    Dude , do the right thing, and write a reveal!!
    yo sup sik.
    school has kept me on a leash.
    update this weekend or the odds are, i wont ever be on eic again.

    Have you read the quote?
    The the new sig! haha Why though?
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