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    Transfer Video to iPad

    Use goodreader app and access dropbox then u can download it
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    Does anyone actually still use Flipboard?

    I used it everyday , it the first app I go to when turn on the iPad . Loved it
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    iPhone 4 + Skype + Google Voice

    Thanks for the tips . But it so exhausting.
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    iPad tethering help please!

    Use itether app on iPad . Tetherme on iPhone . Turn iPhone tethering option on at setting iPhone and Bluetooth on. Leave Bluetooth off on iPad . Open itether and let it find iPhone . You done. Or use my wi app On iPhone and that's it.
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    My 2 week thoughts

    I'd also bought it as soon as 3G is available . Took it on 2 big trip ' used it with MyWi . GPS is awesome, all the information getting all the information needed on the spot. Watch tv on the road. Control all my computers at home . Monitor my IP CAMS. Read to my kids . Get coupons on the spot...
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    iBooks Update

    In the book store , type the word "free" you will get bunch of other free tittle.
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    just installed a new holder for my iPad in my car

    I read it somewhere forgot , but I run a string through the car vents and use the Apple case to hook it up . The price is $0 . Time set up is 15 mins.
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    Cloud Browse

    It slow , crashed like crazy
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    Awesome GPS

    3G Ipad have an awesome GPS . I tested with navigon and g- map through some of the weak signal areas . It work as well as my Tom Tom car kit for iPhone Gps signals never dropped a bar . Very well done !
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    A positive thread on iPad

    I have been tryingto find a good solution for car PC , have reliable touch screen , GPS , my music , videos, TV(sling app, or orb) if I want to . weather button , live traffic, News. It is good to wait for the right product come along . I already set budget for $1000 for it , and this cost less...
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    NEWS: Yelp included augmented reality as Easter egg in latest update

    I just bought it too, because of you ;)
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    Tom Tom is here

    According to Gizmodo : Confirmed: TomTom's GPS Car Kit Will Work with iPod Touch, Third Party Apps Mon, 17 Aug 2009 11:40:58 -0 Good news: According to Yann Lafargue, PR guy at TomTom, the incoming TomTom GPS Car Kit will work with the iPod touch , enabling full GPS capabilities in Apple's...
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    Navigon GPS should be out tonight

    I really think it is all depend on where you are( coverage areas) . What type of phone you have ( first gen, 3G , 3GS) will made a different with this app.
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    Navigon GPS should be out tonight

    I bought it last night and regret, it is worst than G-map. GPS was inaffective. The route I test with Gmap was fine, but with Navigon failed half way through because they cannot grap GPS location. There you go , save the money and hope Tom Tom is better.
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    Navigon GPS should be out tonight

    Navigon for now is $70.00 very tempting