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    music videos no video in Music app?

    The problem is that the music video section of the video app only sorts alphabetically. Frustrating to search through when I have about 400 music videos on my iPad. Within the music app, I can sort by artist/genre/etc. I'd like to be able to search using the music app, then when I selected a video...
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    music videos no video in Music app?

    On iOS 4.x, playing a music video within the "Music" app would launch the video player. In iOS5, it just plays within the Music app, with no video. Any way to fix this?
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    try twimon - a blend of Pokemon and twitter.
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    Is it reasonable to buy an iPhone from HongKong?

    buy from the Apple Store in HK. your phone will be factory unlocked, so you can use it with ANY GSM provider worldwide (just pop in the SIM card). I have an unlocked phone purchased at the HK Apple Store. I have used it with prepaid SIM cards in Spain, Netherlands, Italy, UK, Hong Kong...
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    jpg viewer for iPad?

    I want to view libraries of jpg files from my computer and NAS without actually loading them onto my iPad. This would be at home over my local WiFi network. Is there an app that can remotely view jpg files on the iPad? I am looking for something like Air Video, but for jpg files. Thanks in advance!
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    Words with friends problem

    reset your phone (hold down the power and home buttons until the Apple logo appears). i had a similar issue when my phone lost WiFi while trying to download some app updates. After reset and re-connection to WiFi, the iPhone automatically re-downloaded the apps.
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    Will temporarily using a dumb phone affect my unlimited data?

    Nope. I swap my SIM card into my old RAZR phone whenever I go to the beach. No problems.
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    FaceTime call from my brother at an Apple Store

    you can test FaceTime by calling 1-888-FACETIME and speak to an Apple rep. See it being tested at Enjoy!
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    What is the coolest app you think?

    SoundHound for the "wow" factor when showing non-smartphone people what your iPhone can do. RedLaser is also pretty cool.
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    1GB less free space on iPhone 4 vs 3GS?

    it couldn't be ios4, as I had already installed ios4 on my 3GS before getting the iPhone 4 i'm guessing that it is caused by all the photos in my photo library are now being sync'd to my iPhone 4 at a higher resolution than the 3GS.
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    1GB less free space on iPhone 4 vs 3GS?

    I just brought home my shiny new iPhone 4 & sync'd it for the 1st time. Using the exact same settings, my 3GS had 2.68GB free, while my iPhone 4 shows only 1.68GB free. What gives? Also, I have no videos sync'd so it cannot be hi-def videos instead of lo-def.
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    How many songs fit on 16gb iPhone?

    The newest version of iTunes has an option to send music to the iPhone in only 128k bitrate. iTunes will do the conversion on the fly (the songs in your library retain their original bitrate). If you are using the stock earbuds, you shouldn't be able to tell a big difference. At 128k bitrate...
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    iPad 3G roaming

    the iPad is UNLOCKED, so you can use pre-paid SIM cards where you travel. I was just in the Netherlands, and Vodafone NL offers unlimited Internet on their pre-paid cards for 10 euros/month. the pre-paid SIM cards are easy to pick up at most convenience (or cellphone stores) in Europe. The...
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    Fake FaceBook notifications?

    When you unlock your phone, the unique identifier that Apple uses to send push notifications to your phone is replaced by the unlock program. You now have a duplicate identifier with someone else who used the same unlock method (looks like your doppelganger is in Spain). This is a known issue...
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    Should I get an iPhone? About to go abroad for 6 months

    iPhones sold in Hong Kong are unlocked - so you can use them with any GSM carrier. You can buy a pre-paid SIM card and use it with your new iPhone. You will just need to sync it with iTunes (on a laptop) one time after you purchase the phone to activate it (you will also need internet access on...