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    SMS color changes?

    I'm not sure in the new software but if it's jailbroken then yes
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    How to use iPhone keyboard on computer via USB?

    well I see you don't have a reply and it's been a while but theres a new app. called touchmouse but it uses the wifi feature. as far as trying to do that from an usb not sure but jailbroken i'm sure theres an app.
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    Cables to connect iPhone to TV?

    just make sure they work. I just bought one from Belkin thinking hey if it works for V2 touch then ah huh. Well I get the incompatibility crap and it does not work, so after work I am going to the Apple store and getting my cables cause I want them!
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    ProClip iPhone 3G/3GS mount

    Thats sweet, I was just wondering about a mount for my truck. I'm thinking about the 915290Adjustable Holder with Tilt Swivel and Pass-Through Connector USD $79.99 Let me know what you get and how you like it.
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    The iPhone 3GS Video thread!

    I have to say the videos look so much better on youtube then on mobile me. Or is that just me?
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    The iPhone 3GS Video thread!

    Heres my first Video post: This is of my 75 gallon REEF tank: for some reason it looks so much better before it's compressed
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    Red dots on iPhone 3G

    Good to hear- Never noticed them before either and just got the 3G-S and was like what the....
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    save the first iPhone?

    Hey good to know, i'll have to do that..... To bad they did not make a trickle charger for the iPhone to charge and discharge
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    save the first iPhone?

    Keeping mine as well. Gonna update, shut down and place her back in the box. Two years with the best phone I have ever had. Then I'll open up the new G3-S and let the parties begin................ Ah Maybe I'll pass the iPhone alone to my cousin.
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    upgrading from v1

    I don't know about you guys but I would not put a back up of my V1 phone on the new V3 iPhone. Thats like trying to put a back up of an unJB phone to a JB phone - you just don't do it but thats my opinion. I'd start over with a fresh phone. It's just a text message, why do you need to keep...
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    What is the "S"

    oh my appologies, i did not have it show up when I searched for it. Thank you, i'll read the thread.
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    What is the "S"

    I can not find the info anywhere and it's driving me nuts. Does anyone know what the "S" stands for in iPhone 3GS. U know the S with the box around it? Does anyone else wonder or is it just me. LOL
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    upgrading from v1

    I paid the full $599 for the V1 so $299 is nothing. I can finally upgrade from OS 2.0 LOL. I would use the new sim since the phone really was never designed that way to switch sim cards. Since nothing is stored on it except the phone number and encription codes. It's all computer designed...
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    Well I did it

    I thought there were no upgrade programs for the iPhone - do you know something I don't?
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    upgrading from v1

    Hey Brother! I know I am as excited and have been waiting for this day. No worries the apps from v1 will transfer over just like everything else. the 3GS is going to be one quick handheld machine. I can't wait to JB that thing. Everything will be transfered through iTunes and it will know...