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    MacBook Pro I hate Microsoft!

    You do realize if it wasn't for MS we wouldn't be on these boards today, just saying. Oh and stop using Vista as your OS either go back to XP or go to Windows 7. Vista is the worst OS Microsoft developed in it's history.
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    Anyone use an expense app?

    I have been using Spashmoney for over 8 years on multiple devices and no matter how many other apps I try I always go back to it.
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    So my reception for phone calls is fine...but my data loads so slooooooow?

    Yes, I ahve been struggling with this for about 4-5 days. One minute its Blazing fast but then just stops working all together. This is without touching the device at all
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    mail app keeps having spinning weel on top

    Some thing is wrong with Push on IOS4 and it just hangs. I have since turned to Manual checking and seems to work this way for now.
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    Car Mount?

    Try ProclipUSA, they should have one for the iPhone 4 soon...
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    Crappy Signal!

    I restored the phone to factory and setup as new. Seems to be working very well now.
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    Crappy Signal!

    Same issues with media and data and I live in Ohio
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    Suggestions for iPhone 4 Cases

    The case you are talking about is by Griffin and I just picked one up at Best Buy
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    Track your iPhone 4 shipment here

    Oh you can add me, its been on the Fed Ex truck since 8:00AM and its now past 5:00 , come on!
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    Some people getting iPhone 4 on Wednesday already?

    Dear Apple Store Customer, You recently received a Shipment Notification email from Apple advising you that your iPhone has shipped. This email is to confirm that your delivery will occur on June 23rd. Although Apple and FedEx tracking information may currently indicate a later date, you...
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    iPhone 4 Case

    To me putting my new phone in one of those defeats the purpose of buying the new one.
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    Seems some orders are prepared for shipment.

    Mine also switched to prepared for shipment but mine was placed at 4:15 PSt
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    What will it take for you to upgrade?

    I'm betting on June 7th.
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    Everythingicafe: the community app now available in the app store

    This app is great. Is there a Search funtion in the forum section?
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    Earbuds with Noise Cancelation and Mic?

    I would also look into Etymotics HF2's and the Klipsch S4i's I have used both and the Etymotics were very good for Mids and Highs, but lack bass and no volume controls just Mic, Play Pause, Ect. The Klipsch S4i which I'm using now have a very good range of Bass, Mids and Highs and has full...