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    Water Damage?

    I've had a worse off but very similar situation. I was in my car and long story short the phone fell into a cup of sprite. Phone dropped in down to about half way. I took the phone out turned it off then drove to walmart to get some compressed air. sprayed the hell out of all the jacks and ports...
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    iPhone alarm - reduce volume without affecting the ring

    Why would you want an alarm that is hard to hear, seems to defeat the purpose of an alarm. Just set your ringer volume up all the way and then put the phone into vibrate. Any alarm will just bypass the vibrate setting going to what ever your current ringer volume is.
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    Software 2.0

    Anyone know officially when its going to be available to the public to download?
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    Will we be able to exchange the old iPhone to the 3G

    You can probably get nearly 500 dollars for that 16gb if its in good enough shape. Check out this article on
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    $200 iPhone coming up?

    Well considering the fact that Apples market share has been falling recently (due to lack of iPhone sales), I don't know if its possible that Apple would take such a huge lose on each phone. However, ATT does pay Apple a heavy premium for getting exclusive rights.
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    Screen Protector, Do I really need one?

    I've got a naked iPhone and have had it that way for about 7 months. I've dropped it probably 4-6 times from head hight down to concrete, onto its screen. No scratches yet, such a great screen.
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    I don't want to let the iPhone go.. but.... (Please help...)

    Well 600 text when you get charged 1 per sent and received. So basicly you've only got about 300 (if each on you send you get one back from the receiver). Thats only 10 a day, not very much really. I usually send 50-100 text a day. But to the OP, I know your a teen but $20 a month more when...
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    Cell phones MORE dangerous than smoking!

    Obviously a sample size but a good example of why you should live your life to the fullest.
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    Cell phones MORE dangerous than smoking!

    Just because he operates on brains does not mean he can know where cancers are coming from. I don't buy it. Maybe after a bunch of research. As for now, iPhone all the way.
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    Legitimate 3G News !

    Youll need new hardware to support 3g.
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    Legitimate 3G News !

    Are you sure it goes straight to voicemail? I guess I must never have encountered that...
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    Legitimate 3G News !

    I think you can. Edit: I cant see myself doing a ton of browsing while on the phone, unless I'm giving someone directions or really need to get information for someone.
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    So wait, you cant text pictures with SMS?

    Until we get MMS I think. Also did you know that the iPhone only has 1 speaker and 1 mic on the bottom! I know its INSANE! [/sarcasm] :laugh2:
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    Legitimate 3G News !

    In a nutshell all you really need to know is that everything internet based will be faster. Sometimes as high as 4x faster, sometimes as low as only 2x.
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    Legitimate 3G News !