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    Really unimpressed

    I find it ludicrous that people are still complaining about MMS and C&P. Try going back to a Treo or another phone and see if you enjoy MMS and C&P enough to give up the features that the iPhone has: Built in YouTube GoogleMaps iPod Coverflow Fully featured web-browsing. I guess every...
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    Why does my iPhone induce static with other electronics?

    I didn't get the interference at first, but lately, I get it periodically in my car or at home. I simply move the phone further away or turn it on airplane mode. About 5 feet seems to do the trick at home and the middle of the driver or passenger seat works well in the car.
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    Hopefully without being thought of as a smart ass, why did you install it on your PC rather than getting an actual Macintosh? For me, the hardware and the software go hand in hand in regards to design.
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    Why the unlocking of a phone is good(besides the obivious reasons)

    I'm not trying to bust your chops OP but your title was "Why unlocking of a phone is good (besides the obvious reasons)" and you failed to give any reasons, obvious or not, and I'm not sure of what the obvious reasons would be. Could you please elaborate. I do agree with some things that...
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    Can I import ringtones from old phone to iPhone?

    Presently you can't import ringers, though is there's a way to remove them from your present phone as sound files, then you can convert them and use the mod thing to add them to your phone.
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    Text Messaging Is Horrible!

    This might be handy, but like a few others have stated, it's not something that you use on a regular basis, most people that is. I probably have sent around 3 mass emails and most of the time when meeting for dinner or whatever a lot of people are together, so one or two calls accomplishes this...
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    Well, I'm officially out..

    Prmdbr, I think it all depends on your vantage point. In regards to phone usage, it's the most intuitive phone I've ever had and best iPod. I think Slingbox is a very nice idea, but if I really want to do that on the iPhone, I can watch a feature length movie or nearly any TV show, I just have...
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    A month and a half later... Anyone else bored of the iPhone?

    Green, good comments. To me the MMS is not as much of a big deal since I don't send that many pics. Hopefully it will be addressed in the future as it is a big deal to a good number of iPhone users. I somewhat agree with you on ringtones though I do remember my Treo and having to buy...
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    A month and a half later... Anyone else bored of the iPhone?

    In fairness Kamer, you can't really say that it's years behind other phones when it has features that other cell phones can only dream of. -Multi-Touch -Visual Voicemail -Coverflow These are all features that you won't find in another phone on the market and that's only naming a few.
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    Smedge! (ahhhh)

    I have the crystal shield from the Apple store and that does make it much easier for me to clean the oil off of the screen.
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    Hmmm... Apple drops the ball? Again?

    Awesome post.
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    Hmmm... Apple drops the ball? Again?

    They already put out tons of information of what the phone included before launch. I think the problem is that some people felt like they were going to include some items they didn't mention in launch or any of the following commercials or on their site leading up to the launch. MMS was not...
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    A month and a half later... Anyone else bored of the iPhone?

    Truthfully Cloud, I look at my iPhone the same as my iMac. When I first got it, even checking mail on my 20" screen was fun. Playing WoW was awesome. Now it is still a great experience, but I'm used to it. I appreciate it for it's design and ease of use. I wouldn't trade my Mac for a Dell...
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    A month and a half later... Anyone else bored of the iPhone?

    As always Cloud, I respect your right to your opinion. Though many of the items you've mentioned, there are workarounds for already. MMS - there is a workaround for this by sending the email to the carrier. Ringtones - The phone does have ringtones, and you can mod the phone easily to add...
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    There should be some way to sync your contacts with your pc to outlook, then you'd be able to sync them in iTunes with the iPhone. Pretty easy in most cases.