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    MacBook 3.0 Tethering Works With iMac, but Not MacBook

    My "Connect to Network" under the bluetooth bar is grayed out. I can't get it to work - I'm not sure why. The thing is, I had tethering working the other day - I've done all the steps. It's just, all of a sudden, connect is grayed out.
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    Describe iPhone in two words

    Mister Data
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    NextGeniPhone: Predictions on New Hardware & Release Dates.

    har har har. Never say Never.
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    Turn things on with the iPhone 3G

    On the contrary. This device is capable of levels of power emission and destruction that you could not begin to imagine. If someone learns of how to tap its power, we all better pray that someone can stop them. If not, we're all in exceptionally grave danger.
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    Turn things on with the iPhone 3G

    As I understand it, the iPhone generates enough power at slide to interrupt air traffic control radars, causing seconds of hysteria. From here, police and techno wizards would be summer to discern the identity of the perpetrator and technology behind the wrong do. Do not turn on your device...
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    Genius - I just turned it off!

    I love genius.
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    2.1 Battery Life Improvements? - Where are the new features?

    I haven't seen anyone else point this out but when you click on one of your playlists on the iPhone, the songs are now listed with the album than artist.
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    MobileMe = Garbage

    MobileMe has given me the pleasure of working for 1 day, and then failing to sync any of my calendars. So - I turned of MobileMe on my PC with Outlook 2007, and I removed the account from my iPhone and synced via iTunes. From here, I turned MobileMe back on and everything worked great, for...
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    Newb Question About 3G

    I'm not quite sure that I use 3G often enough for it to warrant me getting the iPhone 2. I'll have to wait and see what additional features are offered that won't be possible on the current iPhone. Two more days and we'll see!
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    bricked iPhone

    I eventually got it to restore. Thanks.
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    If you have tried the SoftJailbreak, post here

    I eventually got it to restore. Thanks.
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    bricked iPhone

    Thank you but that did not work. Is there a program I can use to access and maybe wipe out everything on the iPhone to make iTunes look at it differently? I'd like to take it to the Apple store, but the application that shows batter level in numbers and the status bar notifier still appears to...
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    If you have tried the SoftJailbreak, post here

    I tried it and so far, my iPhone asks me to connect to iTunes. iTunes will not do a restore - instead it tells me to take it to the store.
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    bricked iPhone

    I don't see how I can reset it. This time, instead of asking me to restore it, I just get this screen. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks in advance for feedback and advice :)
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    bricked iPhone

    I tried the installer update to 1.1.3. It rebooted and 1.1.3 was working fine. Then I opened SMB preferences, the phone reset to the connect to iTunes screen with the cord going to the iTunes icon. I get the above message. Any ideas?