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    My coworker got a Samsung something Android. And I fell in love with the screen. I know everything about fragmented And screwed up Android is but it seemed to work quite well. Doesn't anyone else wish the iPhone had a bigger screen I feel like I got a piece of out dated 4s.
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    Cleaning dirt around white 4S

    One thing u never hear Android ppl complaining about is cleaning their piece of crap plastic phone.
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    Cleaning dirt around white 4S

    Doesn't any body go on Apple's website and read how to clean your iPhone and take care of your battery and such.
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    Cleaning dirt around white 4S

    DO NOT USE COMPRESSED AIR! Lol I'm serious though. Air has humidity in it and when you blast the phone u may very well blast h2o into. And rubber alcohol will definitely take the oleo-phobic coating off the screen. Apple even says to not even use windex. Take a piece of paper edge or a candy...
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    Annoyed by blue bar in Safari

    Is it just me or the annoying blue bar at the bottom of safari annoying. I would like to change the color or the size at least to half the thickness. Idk it bothers me a lot.
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    iPhone 4 apps crashing!

    The only reason I got the 4s is the home button on my 4 was so annoying and the proximity sensor I couldn't take anymore now I'm happy everything works beautifully.
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    Quick Toggles for iPhone Settings

    This is awesome thanks for posting finally I can Turn wifi on and off instantly I put that app in the dock. I hope this doesn't screw up the iOS.
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    iPhone 4s opinion page!

    I love reading about how the 4s isn't a redesign but I got mine in white and with the faster 3G and overall speediness of it I can't love it more. I really love how I can mirrior to my tv that is the best part. One thing Android will never figure out is all your devices got to work together...
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    A SIMple Siri question

    Thanks that worked going into my contact name
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    A SIMple Siri question

    Ok here is the problem. My mom has a flip phone and text messaging blocked. Her iPod touch I just bought her can text. When I say to Siri text my mom she sends a text to my moms blocked text messaging phone how can I tell her to text my mom's iPod touch with ios5. Thanks any thing will help...
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    MacBook Tweaked lid

    I took it to Apple and they fixed it perfect for sixty bucks and even put a new keyboard complimentary. I love Apple lol
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    iPhone freezing

    Am I the only one that after I get off the phone my phone freezes and the screen non responsive. It doesn't do it every time but I would say 50% of the time. And yes I have restored it and as a new phone not from a restore
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    Verizon iPhone 4 OR wait for iPhone 5?

    Get the phone then sell it when u get the new one and u'll be only spending two hundred basically and that's the price if u have an upgrade so just get it and start having fun with the awesomeness
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    Proximity issue causing phone to light up when on calls

    Does anyone still have the problem of their phones lighting up while on the phone. My 3gs never did and I must say it's annoying.
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    iPhone wanna be

    I had to write this because everyone here knows what I'm talkin about. Two of my friends have the evo. They always r saying how much better their phones r than mine. But they forget that the iPhone is half the size of that brick, weighs less, and the battery is atleast doubled. Idk how they can say...