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    Cannot Email Photos from Photo Application

    Hey guys, I'm going to steal and plagiarize "fred777's" post from modmyi and paste it here because they're not answering this mind boggling question. I hope this is goes: So I just updated and rejailbroke my 2g iPhone - this time, I set it up as a new phone. I read somewhere that...
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    Delivery dates for online orders

    Just got an email with my UPS tracking number from Apple. I ordered on June 12, 2009 if that helps. It says: "Delivers by: June 22, 2009" WTF? Definitely international shipment from China.
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    For all those with horrible 3G reception

    alllllright pdx, added my comment....hopefully it does some justice =)
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    For all those with horrible 3G reception

    when I click it, it says "bad server error"....maybe it's my side only? haha
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    For all those with horrible 3G reception

    honestly, i don't know how you guys deal with this problem. we're paying an extra 10 bux over the previous edge data plan and we can't even gawd damn use the 3G. it doesn't make sense to me. then the whole reason of why we even buy an "iPhone" is so that we use it as a phone, and then it drops...
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    For all those with horrible 3G reception

    bad gateway pdx? that's what i see right now =/
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    For all those with horrible 3G reception

    mine is a POS......i get dropped calls every freakin' day. I've already exchanged mine to the Apple store for a replacement and now i'm at wit's end. I think i'm gonna go back to 1st gen iPhone because this is out of hand. BTW, i'm in the northern california, san jose area and i've switched off 3G...
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    New app (SMSD) Delete single text messages

    back from the dead, wow
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    2.0.1 could be coming soon.

    cubbie, omg...i've been searching for a thread/someone that is having the SAME exact problem as me. i'm AT&T, 1.1.4, jailbroken, and unlocked from ZiPhone and when i upgraded to 2.0, I can't check my emails and everything just seems sluggish. I think it's because I backed up from my previous...
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    ringtone work around help

    a little off topic guys but does anyone know which folder the custom ringtones are held in the iPhone? i want to SSH into there. Is it "/var/mobile/Library/Media/Ringtones"?
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    EDGE data not working?

    Does anyone have this problem right now? My phone works but I can't send or receive data. WTF? Has anyone had this problem before? BTW, i'm in the san jose, CA bay area. I think EDGE data is down right now =/
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    Jobs original iPhone ringtone?

    hey guys, i found a blog link that actually has the song the song and cut it up with audacity instead =) enjoy everyone =)
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    Jobs original iPhone ringtone?

    KNK, the ringtones you sent me aren't of the song from "orba squara - perfect timing". One of them was just a "ring" and the other one was just some xylophones playing it sounds like. Did you send me the wrong ones?
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    Jobs original iPhone ringtone?

    PM sent KNK! thanks to you!
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    Jobs original iPhone ringtone?

    can i get a PM FAsnake? Maybe an email for the song? Thanks! Thanks to you!