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    iPad or laptop?

    or use PrintnShare Pro - I think by the same app company earlier in the forum from here We use it for businesss and home as it includes calendar printing - file sharing to our 2 cloud servers which means we can print anywhere from...
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    How to print WiFi w/o using PC?

    brand new app called printnshare pro which does it all and also not jailbreak (phew) doesn't need my PC eitehr and goes straight to my mp series model . good quality photos of websites will try photos and other stuff before christmas to impress...
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    iPad printing

    Use the brand new app Printnshare Pro from here I bought it for printing photos over 3G - but it does so much more - it even allows me to pdf my photos and email them - all in the one app - its my new numero uno appo
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    Calendar printing

    easy - use either CalPrint or Printnshare Pro
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    AirPrint w/o WiFi printer?

    What will work is PrintCentral Pro - I use it for my businesss (does great cloud server access) and my husband uses it studying .