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    The Birthday Approacheth

    yep! December 17th here. required by all fam and friends. no birthday or Christmas gift combining! I got for my birthday last year... an entire climbing rack! Love GEAR! who needs diamonds? Not I! ~T
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    The Birthday Approacheth

    Shaweeeet! lucky you! Just make sure you let her know... she'll have to let you play with your phone as part of the gift giving. because, well... your head will be down and playing for a while! Oh, as well as a few "COOL!" or loud "GASPS" that scare the cra* outta whom ever is around...
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset = Bad!

    Love my Jawbone! ~T
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    First iPhone bill?

    $86 bucks as of this morning. I was sooo stressin! whew. /removes drip from her brow. ~T:foot::embarrassed:
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    What do you drive or ride?

    2004 Ford Explorer Sport Track I am middle/upper class...and very active. my truck, luuuuuvs me. and my other baby...21 mi. every day, commute. see attachment. I dun know how to post images inside thread. so... any one wanna pm me the way to do this... I'd apercheat it. ~T
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    Anyone really rich own an iPhone and willing to reveal themselves?

    KUDOS to you! Ok, middle/upperclass Own my own businesss This has been the best purchase... for me being ADD. It truly keeps me organized... and keeps me busy. :tounge: with every though... google it... or read www, pages and pages of em. ~T
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    How many carry cleaning cloth with iPhone everywhere?

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    Heard This Before iPhone Owners?

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    Heard This Before iPhone Owners?

    roflmao! all the time. all the friggen time. ~T
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    This is the worst place to put you iPhone.

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    Speakerphone volume: Think about it...

    Speakerphone on my iPhone, was such a big big dissapointment. I use "ical" for my daily client booking/rebooking. Having to remove my ear, pull up ical, and hit speaker phone.... I STILL have to put touloula(my iPhone) up to my ear, JUST to hear the speakerphone volume. pointless then...
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    iPhone is not connecting to new jawbone

    TIS ALL GOOD. iPhone support, couldn't help me. gave me the same process I had done all afternoon. I recharged the headset... went through the set up mode. nothing.. did it again. WORKED! WEEEEEEEEEEE! taloula is my iPhone's name, yes....I named her:embarrassed: now I can now...
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    iPhone is not connecting to new jawbone

    what do I do? I charged my jawbone, and it didn't show up on the iPhone bluetooth. yes, Bluetooth is on. showing now discoverable. searching.... never connecting to my new headset. shut down my iPhone completly ugh. still not connecting. :( any advice? ~T::embarrassed::frown:
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    I named my iPhone. Taloula. yep. she kicks booty. Welp, here I am, no longer a lurker. I love the speed of this site. member list is amazingly long. I am loving my iPhone. loving the discoveries. loving internet. I'm a hairdresser who uses a standard calendar/paper book...