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    Rafagon where abouts?

    Hope he's ok!
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    Is there an iOS 11 jailbreak for the iPhone 6?

    Thanks for your reply, Kevin. Do you think I should just update to the latest version since the jailbreak seems to be a bit useless right now? The main reason I jailbreak is for Cydia and I am not a big fan of tethered jailbreaks because I've always had bad experiences with them. Regardless of...
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    Is there an iOS 11 jailbreak for the iPhone 6?

    I have been out of the iOS game for quite some time now and I recently started using my old iPhone 6 again. I was wondering if there's a jailbreak available for it because Google seems to result in a lot of spam and fake pages. The iPhone is currently on iOS 11.1. Thanks guys.
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    @snowtrooper1966 I always invest more in RAM than in the processor as I feel like it makes a much bigger difference when it comes to multitasking and overall smoothness, of course along with a SSD hard drive.
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    Happy Birthday Rafagon!

    Happy birthday, Raf! Wish you had a great day!
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    RIP, Ron7624

    I'm so sorry to hear that. I've never really seen him around here before but it's always painful to hear that someone has died, especially so tragically. May he rest in peace.
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    So if you dare...

    Oh wow! I do remember you. Hope all is well with you, Hayes.
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    1+5 has 8 gigs of RAM

    I always keep nandroid backups on my computer just in case and they have saved me so many times.
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    1+5 has 8 gigs of RAM

    A friend of mine has the One Plus 3 and it's a decent phone which was also marketed as a spec-beast but I never really felt that while using it. It seems like companies are just racing for the highest specifications with no regard to the actual operating system and how it handles that much power...
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    To Vape or not to Vape E-cig discussion

    It's very simple, really, read the instructions manual and read about battery safety online, especially if you're buying a mechanical mod since regulated ones do most of the work for you. I've seen many similar reports online, and the main cause is almost always the ignorance of the user when it...
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    Samsung S8 and S8+

    @JWiPhone Don't get me wrong, I actually love my Galaxy and it is one of the very few phones I haven't thought about changing after a while. After bad experiences with the S3 and the S5, the S7 really proved to me that Samsung is a worthy company to buy smart phones from, regardless of the Note...
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    Samsung S8 and S8+

    Not a fan of this new screen design, to be honest, because for one thing it will be prone to cracks more than ever, and for another it might not be as comfortable and convenient to hold. I already struggled with the S7 Edge because of its side screen which I kept tapping accidentally until I got...
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    Any of you do yoga?

    I've never really tried Yoga and, in my honest uneducated opinion, I feel like it is a bit boring compared to actually stretching and working out. Although I am not really a spiritual person, I've always wanted to try meditation and see if it actually works, however I don't really think it will...
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    Rafagon where abouts?

    I am glad you're okay, Raf, and hope you get through this as quickly as possible.
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    Rafagon where abouts?

    Oh man I really hope he's okay. Maybe he's just taking a break from the forum or the internet in general for a while!