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    iPad? Kindle?

    Honestly the upcoming amazon tablet is incredibly lackluster. Its been seen and described and from what ive seen the nook color is a better choice. More powerful and better options. Tapped via my Alien Droid.
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    Photo viewer

    don't they sell a camera thing for the iowa which lets you plug in the media to the ipad? Tapped via my Alien Droid.
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    Hurrah - My iPad Site Now Featured in Flipboard

    Love the site but do you plan on having a mobile version? I just went to it on my phone but it was the full resolution. I find myself looking at most of my news on my mobile devices. Tapped via my Alien Droid.
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    Delete "loading applications"

    You can also switch the device to airplane mode which I believe will time out the download. This should give you an error and delete the pending app. Tapped via my Alien Droid.
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    Photo viewer

    The only advantage to the 2 would be its faster and slimmer. For what you would use it for its probably not worth the extra money. Tapped via my Alien Droid.
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    Will there be a Facebook app for iPad?

    With all the great alternatives why would you want an official one? The alternatives are soo good I'm not sure I would use the official one. Tapped via my Alien Droid.
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    iPad? Kindle?

    Nook color is definitely the way to go. Go out CM7 on it and have an awesome Android tablet and eReader which means you can also install the kindle app so its like having a kindle but a thousand times better. PM me if you need help with CM7. I'm in the Android hacking community now. Sent from...
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    Will there be a Facebook app for iPad?

    Why would anyone spend $9.99 on a facebook app when there are other choices that do it all for free or significantly less. Can you link the story for the $9.99 price tag?
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    Beta 2 Stability

    How is the stability of beta 2? Does anyone still have issues with apps? Does safari still crash a lot? Before I upgrade again i figured I'd ask.
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    iTunes 10.5 ... any comments from those running?

    Definitely hangs quite frequently on my Windows 7 x64 system. I was trying to sync some stuff to my iPad once I downgraded to 4.3.3 and iTunes would hang about every 3-4 minutes for about a minute or two then come back.
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    iOS 5 Beta Battery Life Thread

    My battery life was awful. I know its a beta so it's to be expected but i attributed it to the cloud syncing in the background. I'm sure they are still working on that.
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    iOS 5 Discussion Thread

    Any website just using a normal overflow:scroll without any third party library to implement single finger scrolling. Most sites use a third parry library like iScroll to achieve the single finger scrolling in divs on the page but it's nice to not have to rely on a third party library once iOS 5...
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    iOS 5 Discussion Thread

    You can downgrade. I've done it twice now. Google for downgrade from IOS 5 to 4.3.3 and you'll see a couple results. The one about putting the iPad into DFU mode and restoring worked for me (I couldn't get the tiny umbrella one to work).
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    Notifications in iOS 5

    I don't think anything can do mouse overs on a touch screen. That would pretty much be impossible regardless of the langauge.
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    Will there be a Facebook app for iPad?

    I've been pretty happy with Friended. I've tried a lot of the apps for Facebook and have pretty much settled on this one as my favorite.