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    Losing songs on friends computer?

    Well I would love to provide a definite answer for you guys, but I don't much fancy the possibility of losing my movies and music until i return home.
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    Losing songs on friends computer?

    Hey all, I am on vacation using a friends computer and I want to add one cd to my iPhone. Because I don't have the full library that I have on my computer, will all the songs I have on my phone right now be deleted when I sync? I am using windows, but any info will help
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    Parental controls?

    You are correct sir. In my experience, explicit Internet content is actually quite hard to find unless you are 1. Looking for it, or 2. Frequenting shady websites. I wouldn't worry about them finding these sites against thief wishes, and if you're worried about them visiting these sites...
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    Edge vs. ?

    I find using edge while browsing these forms to be quite alright. The only page that i hate using on edge is
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    What is the "other" shown in the iPhone capacity bar?

    If I am noy mistaken, the OS space is simply deducted from the 4 or 8 gigs, so the "capacity" in iTunes ends up being about 3.3 or 7.3 gigs
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    Everything is perfect, except...

    Well that depends on what you mean by "outside if iTunes" If you mean songs that you ripped from CDs you own, that should be fine. But if you mean songs that were illegally downloaded from a file sharing (read:stealing) service, I sure hope you lose all the songs. I find The idea of people...
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    Switching from WiFi to EDGE at Apple Stores

    I didn't think I would spend too much time on the Internet in my iPhone either when I first got it, but I've found that I use it constantly, even though I rarely have access to wifi
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    AIM from the developer of AIM

    I normally use flickim, but ill have to try that out. Thanks!
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    LG Envy Vs. iPhone texting

    I think that I text fast enough for my own purposes. I have never really used a physical keyboard on a cell phone, but i find that the only real thing that slows me down is lag due to a webpage still loading. I am on my iPhone right now, and i only made two or three errors, even while typing...
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    Who is existing cingular customer and transfer the old no. to iPhone

    Thats correct except instead of the ATT account number, you just need your existing telephone number
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    iPhone: First Month Review

    Thanks for taking the time to write this out. Even though i already have an iPhone, i still enjoy reading reviews about it
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    11 minutes from the time a call comes in until I get the voice mail

    In my experience it takes under one minute. I rarely get voicemails though, I pick up almost all my calls.
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    iPhone Class Action Suit

    I'm going to play devil's advocate here, and say that Apple is just trying to make a buck at our expense by sealing the battery inside, requiring us to send it in for a replacement. I personally don't foresee the battery becoming a huge issue, but only time will tell for sure.
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    Anyone else get stupid looks when Using iPhone's earbuds to talk?

    Ah, well I learned something new today. I just wish I could stream all those old reruns on Spike TV directly to my iPhone. I missed the last season due to the network changing, and watching the reruns was a godsend for me.
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    Jobs original iPhone ringtone?

    Does anyone have a file of what this ringtone sounds like? Maybe a link to a video that shows it? I've heard several of my friends talking about it, however I've never heard it myself.